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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

behind a glass window

This picture was taken on campus while sitting on a chair looking out a full glass window using my smart phone.  The sitting area looks lonely. Not just because of the over cast weather but because taking the photo behind the glass window adds a layer  of "something" that I can't quite explain.  I know noting about photography or composition...  I just know I like it.

I realize I have not used my camera in months.  Actually, the battery is dead and I cannot find my charger. I love photography but don't have a clue.  It might be time I take the plunge and buy a real camera. Anyone any suggestions? I'd like a DSLR. One that's affordable and easy to learn.  It's gotta be light and easy to carry.  Suggestions, anyone?

Rosa of Stuffing my feelings is responsible for my sudden interest in photography. I just love looking at the pictures she takes of her family.


  1. Awww! I love how you always compliment me. It swells my head. Now, you opened up a can of knowledge that I can't stop myself from talking about.

    I love photography; you know I do. A DSLR is great, however, I started learning about composition, white balance, ISO, exposure on a small point and shoot. When I mastered that and wasn't getting the results (think pixels), I moved up to the DSLR. I think that once you master your point and shoot, then you would feel most comfortable with a DSLR because in a DSLR you don't want to put it on Auto. You want to use it on Manual or Apeture or Shutter, so you have more control of the way the pic comes out and not have to edit everything on software.

    I truly hate the new DSLRs that are out there today. Video in a Single Lens Reflex camera is about the worse thing they could've done. Not to mention it jacks up the price of a perfectly good camera body that should have one function--pictures. Nikon is my brand, but I've been flirting with the idea of a Canon. You will not be disappointed with either of their less expensive DSLRs (even with video). The lenses are pricey. I stuck with the kit lens 18mm-135mm zoom and a fixed lens that is 50mm/f1.8. You'll want to learn what all that means and why it makes a difference, hence getting library books.

    Best book for using a camera (I kid you not) is Ebay Photos that Sell. It helps with the concept of composition and lighting. All the stuff newbies should learn about. There are also 101 Photography Tips, etc. that will give you more information on how to use your camera.

    Enough from me. Thank you for the love.

    Your pic is lovely. It is definitely composed well. It shows an air of starkness in a place that should be bustling.

    I can't wait to see what direction you go.

  2. Rosa, thank you so much for the feed back and your comment "air of starkness in a place that should be bustling." Years ago I had a canon manual camera and shot film. I checked out books and was just overwhelmed. Thank you for the reminder. My friend is going to loan me their Canon point and shoot that looks like a DSLR. I think you and my friend are correct that DSLR might be "too much camera" for me at the moment. I have lots to learn and a source for information.