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Monday, January 30, 2012

grain free

Hello, I hope you've had a stress-free Monday.  I spent a little time in the kitchen Sunday evening. I roasted chile de arbol, cooked tomatillos and dried chiles and made batches of salsa and chile rojo.

Daniel cooks with chile and chile rojo so the freezer has several batches watiting for his use.
Then I roasted a brisket and small acorn squash.  This brisket will be used for Daniel's lunches and dinners.

My Monday morning found me lazy... I just wanted to lay in bed. I made my coffee and ate 1/2 a banana and then jumped in the shower. After my shower, I had my coffee with the news.  I was happy to have a fresh start food wise. But then I ate 1/2 a crescent that Daniel had bought. Ugh...  I brushed it off and packed up my lunch. 

Had a semi busy morning and then it was time for lunch: small slice of brisket (i removed that fat of course), had mashed acorn squash and broccoli.  Then went for  a 2 mile walk.

You know I was still hungry after lunch and hoped it would have subsided.  As soon as I returned from my walk. I had some broccolini, pine nuts, cranberries with spicey asian dressing.
Doesn't it look delicious?  Hunger stood with me all day.  Around 3 pm, I had a couple of handful of almonds.  Still hungry. I'm learning that if I start my day with carbs, I am never satisfied and I crave sweets. I had a couple of prunes. Okay... that helped with the sweet tooth.

Then around 4:45 I started to feel tired and "achey." My little granddaughter showered me with love and kisses on Saturday and today, she has strep throat. Instead of attending zumba, I came straight home. Had a cup of tea with honey and thought about my friend Rosa's and how she challenged me to eat grain free for 15 days. Maybe that will help with my cravings and over eating of chips.

I looked in my fridge and cooked up some ground turkey and pulled out a 1/2 head of cabbage. I remember my mother used to make a soup like dish using ground beef. I recreated the dish using the ground turkey.
This was absolutely delicious. I added a little of the salsa I made and it gave it the perfect kick. Daniel had two servings. 

I thought about Rosa's 15 day grain fee challenge. Given what I ate today (sans the crescent), it might not be so bad.  I did pretty good today.  So starting February 1st thru February 15th, I will go grain free. If you all have any ideas for side dishes, I'd love to hear them

Like Rosa said, "what do I got to lose other than weight." Please share any ideas or links with food ideas. Thanks guys.  I think my hunger is gone. Finally.


  1. Yay! I should have said that you will go through about 4 days adjusting to no grains/no sugar. Your body will feel hungry because it feels like it is depriving itself. Some people call it the paleo flu because you will also feel foggy in the mind. I will write back with links.

  2. okay. Here are some links to recipes that you will love to make. All paleo, all the time.

    Go on Nom Nom Paleo's links for more sites that have recipes for paleo.

    I know that you will do well. It is hard at first, but gets so easy and the good way you will feel will give you more self control. Good luck.

  3. Thanks Rosa. I think the hardest part of this will be NO CREAM IN MY COFFEE.