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Sunday, January 29, 2012

glorifying the chip

Sunday's weather in Sacramento was glorious. My only regret for the day was I did not bike or jog.  I've fallen out of weekend activity. Daniel and I were up early and went shoe shopping.  He got two pair of work boots for $84.  Score!!  I wasn't too hungry around noon but Daniel wanted to eat. We headed to La Fiesta Taqueria. I am pretty much burnt out on tacos.  And I was worried about over doing it on chips and salsa. I have no self control but look at how I dealt with the situation.  I served myself a small serving of chips and loaded them with nopalitos

 We sat in a booth with a window.  Instead of soda, I ordered a carrot and organge juice.  I was not hungry because of breakfast (left over taco meat with chips).  I felt so much guilt about consuming chips n chile on Saturday, then continuing the trend with Sunday morning.  Then I find myself in a taqueria on Sunday afternoon. I had gone 2 weeks without chips n chile.  I know I sound like an alcoholic falling off the wagon but that's just how it is when I'm around chips and salsa.  I have eaten an entire bag of tortilla chips. Something wonderful about placing a chip, loaded with chile, smack in the middle of my mouth and tasting and hearing the crunch. I know... I'M GLORIFYING THE CHIP... Moving on.

Daniel ordered a quesadilla and a beer.  He had ordered me a veggie burrito but it was just too much. I took a bite and decided to take it home. 

After our comida, we headed to the movies to see Red Tails.  My reason for choosing this movie?  Terrence Howard, of course. Daniel found the movie boring. He fell asleep.  I kept watching hoping the movie would draw me in. It never did. Maybe because I wanted it to be a love story like Pearl Harbor but it never came close.  I did enjoy watching Terence Howard on the big screen.  I think he's very handsome. 

While Daniel snoozed. I dug into my purse for some pinata candy from my granddaughter and niece's birthday parites on Saturday. Can you believe I did not have any tres leches cake?  I did over dose on tacos and party food.  I hate feeling guilt over food.  I had been doing so well with my weekends. No need to dwell on negative thoughts. Instead, I'm preparing for the week. I have peruvian beans in the crock pot, brisket roasting in the oven and lots of fresh veggies and fruits for my lunches during the week.

I need to be careful with feeling guilt over food.  Life is worth celebrating and we latinos love to celebrate with food  Moderation will always be a struggle. I accept that and I'll just move on...

Is there anything you've accepted on your journey to good health?


  1. Some days I will eat very healthy and other days...I need to make the less healthy times less often. I know I need to start the day with a healthy breakfast or often the whole day is unhealthy eating.

  2. You are so right. That first bite is so critical to your day.

  3. I made tacos on Saturday because the kids ask for them. I had mine without the tortilla. It was great. For a split second I missed it. But then I was happy that I resisted. Besides, there weren't enough tortillas for the 3 kids and Nana. I would've loved the carrot and orange juice.

    Terrence Howard reminds me of my father-in-law. They have the same hair, coloring and features--but not the hazel eyes.

    I asked you to go 15 days without grains and sugar. Start February 1. Nothing to lose . . . but fat.

  4. I'm going to do it Rosa. February 1st. I'll search the internet for blogs that share recipes.