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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good morning friends. How are you?  I"m good. Still feeling a little edgy. Yesterday's breakfast was the eggs and bacon.  That's 4 slices of bacon... muncho jamon, I know. I might stick with smoothies.  Lighter is better in the mananas.

 Daniel helped me with chores around the house and then we were off to run errands and go for a drive.  I packed us snacks (raw almonds and apples). 

 I've been using this shot glass to measure my almonds.  Not sure why I've never thought of this before. It's perfect for nuts and fits easily in my bag.

Oh, I wanted to share what I made before leaving for errands. I rosted all the ingredients for chile verde. I can't wait to use this over eggs or with lean pork.

Daniel and I went out for dinner. There were lots of discussion and we decided on Coco's Restaurant. I looked longingly at the pies and desserts and surprisingly, I was okay without having a sweet.  My dinner started with this side salad. I removed the crutons and the dressing and ate away.  Daniel thought maybe I had ordered too much food. 
 I could tell I frustrated the waiter with my many questions. After our little back andforth, I settled on a Fit and Light sirloin steak with an extra side of broccoli instead of the baked potatoe and I skipped the fresh bread.  Giving myself a pat on the back for that one.. The broccoli was delicious. I wanted A-1 steak sauce but alas it contains SUGAR and cavemen didn't have steak sauce. 

I cannot believe I ate all this food.  Two hours later, I completely regretted it. It sat at the bottom of my stomache for hours and I went to bed stuffed.  My system is not used to meat.  I am not a vegetarian but I usually rely on beans and such for my protein.  We shall see -two weeks and I'll re-evaluate. 

So are you all looking forward to the game later today?  I'm off to have my roots touched up and other girly maintenance done at the salon.  So tell me, what team are you hoping will win?


  1. Giants! I'm a New Yorker. I don't eat much meat either, but did last night and at lunch and I'm less interested in a sugary snack.

  2. STEELERS :)
    ok I watched for the commercials...


  3. At the beginning I always felt like there is no way that I could lose this weight by eating this much food. I am not counting calories or fat grams, so how is this working. It just does for some biophysical reason.

    The most hated thing about eating out is telling them to not put cheese and croutons on my salad. The world is about cheese and croutons and bread basket at restaurants. I can easily forego the grains, but when you put small slivers of cheese in my salad, I can't eat it.

    Are you weighing in to see the results?