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Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm bringin retro back

Morning folks.  Can I say one thing?  Just because they’re “on sale and fit” does not mean you should buy them.  But that’s what I did. I bought a couple of pairs of jeans on the clearance rack while shopping at Old Navy. I never shop Old Navy and I was so excited that something fit. I then had the jeans hemmed.  Ummm what was I thinking? I look ridiculous in bell bottom jeans.  But I paid money for them. Had them altered. Surely, I need to wear them.

Maybe if I wore some cute boots.  Wear my cute pancho, I’ll be rockin the 70s like J-Lo.  I felt ridiculous but I’m running late. Having 2 part-time positions at work leaves no room for tardiness. 
I take one last look in the mirror.  Told myself, Paula. You look “firme” (sharp).  You can rock those bell bottom jeans—it’s all about attitude. Just walk out that door and WORK IT.  Then I took the hot rollers out of my hair.  WTF…  I’M SPORTIN SOME “FARRAH FAWCET” or shall is say “PAIR OF FAWCET” HAIR DO. 

Okay  fashion Gods. I hear you LOUD & CLEAR.  I’M BRINGIN RETRO BACK….


  1. Good for you! Looking good is part of feeling good. Very soon the cravings will go away because although you are depriving yourself of one type of food, you are open to so many variations of good food. Congrats!

  2. I LOVE bell bottom jeans myself. Just smile and fake it till you make it. LOL