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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

do you get negative comments about your path to good health?

Hey friends, how's your Wednesday?  I'm finding myself wanting chocolate but other than that--I'm eating well and grain free.  I like posting my food each day but I just haven't  had time.  Last night, I took a zumba class near my niece's house. My sister arrived from Texas and I wanted to say hello after class.  

I arrive and greet my sister with a hug.  My  hair is sweaty. I apolgize and take off my sweatshirt.  What does she say? "Paula... you are getting so skinny. Don't lose anymore weight."  I can see this perplexed look on  her face, then I look to the right and my niece is exercisng on the Wii. I peek in and give her a "hi-five."  My sister is at it again... Paula, don't loose anymore weight.   At this point I say, "Vi, I weigh 176 lbs. Wear a size 14. I am anything but skinny." Then I ask her if she's using the ipod I sent for walks?  She back peddles and makes excuses.  I smile. It's here where I need to be careful. I don't want to sound like one of those preachy exercise fanatics. I change the subject... and we begin to laugh and remnisce about how much fun we had at our last visit.

After I leave. I think about my sister's comments. I realize the perplexed look on her face and statement wasn't about  me. She doesn't understand my commitment to a healthier self.  I may never be skinny and that's okay -- as long as I'm striving for health and balance--it's all good. Why can't some people see that and not be  judgemental? 

Do you get negative comments about your path to good health?


  1. Chocolate is my friend. I am PMSing and dealing with the overwhelming-ness that is my life, and chocolate gives me the same feeling that I think dope or crack would. It is insane, but I think it is manageable. I hope . . .

    I saw this article and thought I'd share.

  2. I try my best to think of the way I used to drive through my neighborhood and see all the people running. I was so bitter (jealous) that I would remark how crazy they were to ruin a perfectly good weekend by exercising. I just didn't get it. And no one could have told me differently. Now that I do "get it" I receive some negative comments from friends and family but it's mostly because they aren't on board with what I'm doing. It's hard but try not to take it personally. It's more about them than it is about you. Keep up your amazing work!