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Monday, February 6, 2012

scale love and eating grain free

Sometimes a good cup of coffee is the only reason to get out of bed on a cold morning.  However, since I've eliminated flavored creamer from my coffee the thrill is gone. I almost took almond breeze to Starbucks to ask them to make me a latte. Would that be bad? 

I'll stop whining about no creamer in my coffee and show you the local produce store that I found blocks from my house. All local. I picked up some great veggies yesterday for my week.

Today's breakfast was small banana/almond smoothie around 7:a.m.  I started to feel hungry around 9:30 am so I ordered 1 egg +2 eggwhites, spinach, onion and 1 pieceof bacon in a scramble with hot sauce of course. I like that the guys on the kitchen line are always accomodating.

 Then I met a friend for coffee around noon but instead of drinking coffee, I brought an apple and next thing I know, it was time to head back to work.  It was hard to stay on task today. I still feel out of it.  I read toay that the elminating carb flu symptons last about 1-3 weeks. It's getting better that's for sure. It was nice not to have a head ache all day. 

Lunch was at 2:30. Turkey burger sans the bun.
I got busy paginating our next issue of the journal.  I have a great board this year and the files that I receive are clean which makes me smile. I'm enjoying this while I can as I'll be getting a new batch of students in April and there's definitely a learning curve for them. 

Can I share something funny?  I received a text from my friend Delia asking me how I liked the new zumba class we took on Friday.  I responded with great. Then she texted back "we're a couple of zumba whores."  LOL.  She made me laugh so hard with that comment. 

I knew tonight's zumba class would be intense and I did not want to feel light headed so I had 1/2 a baked sweet potato.  Sweet potato is controversial on the paleo blogs but I think I needed a little carbs for the workout.  It did the trick. No lightheadedness and I made it through class..

I took Rosa (stuffing my feelings) suggestion and weighed myself after work.  I am jumping for joy. I am down 4 pounds in 6 days.  I don't know how I'm losing weight because it seems lke I'm eating more. I'll take it. 

After shweaty zumba, I came home and made dinner:  scalions, fresh green beans and chicken/spinach sausage. 

 These green beans were delish.

Well, I'll end this post very happy and 4 lbs lighter.  Off to clean the kitchen and shower.  Have a great evening.


  1. I am so happy for you paula....way to stick it out. keep up the good work.

  2. That is the beauty of Paleo. Eating a lot. Feeling full! Clarity. And weight loss. Congrats! I know it is hard to stay away from tortillas and pancitos, but if you can get great results, then those have to go. Felicitaciones!