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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

slap yourself

You might wonder why is she posting a picture of jalapenos?  I have no real reason other than I love the colors and how the steam is rising in the photo. 

Instead of attending a healthy living seminar at work, I found myself at Kaiser having my lungs checked out. Still feeling crappy so instead of attending a healthy living seminar at noon, I had a doctor's visit. My asthma does not require me to use an inhaler every day so that's always good. I thought about that as I returned to work. Feeling "zapped" and then I thought, "why be the face of negative energy?" So instead of bemoaning inside my head, I decided to fake a smile and pretend to be on top of the world.  I'm telling you.  It kinda worked.

Do you ever have those moments of recognizing?  Of catching yourself being negative and then you take steps to turn it around? I need to practice that more often. 

Have you ever had a similar moment where you just slap yourself?

1 comment:

  1. YES.
    I adore my mom
    She's a negative nelly.
    I oft smacketh myself when I find mysely thisclose to letting the negative come out!