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Friday, March 30, 2012

who says you can't eat healthy at a taqueria

I have been craving Ensalada de Nopales for the longest.  I usually buy my nopales (cactus) from the farmers market and cook them and then make my salad with pico de gallo.  Today was one of those days where all i could think of was NOPALES.  So I visited a taqueria near my office.  I knew this La Favorita on Franklin Blvd. served nopales in their salsa bar. You don't find these at many mexican restaurants.
 It's noon.  I'm in line at La Favorita waiting to give the gal at the counter my order.  She looks at me odd when I ask for nopales as it's not on the menu.

I then ask for a Vampira (juice of beets, carrots, oranges, celery, cucumber and apples).  It was then that the girl "winked" at me.  She smiled.  Went to the salad bar and plated the nopales and gave me a number.

I sat at a table  near the window, listening to mexican music.  I was alone but content.  I'm not a big fan of going to a restauant solo.  As I ate my nopalitos, the waitress brings me my vampira. Isn't it gorgeous? I was one happy chica.  I could not finish my vampira, so I asked for a cup and will have it later today.

After my most satisfying lonchesito, I went in search of lottery picks for tonight's drawing. After the 3rd location, I purchased $10 of quick pick numbers.

I know the odds are against me. But hey, it's just fun thinking about what I would do with that kind of money. Like they say, you gotta play to win...

Who says you can't eat healthy at a taqueria?


  1. YUM! I love nopales too! The best omlette I ever had was nopales, onion, salami and egg whites at a diner in LA. :)

  2. you DO have to play to win.
    in life.
    hmmm. Im stealing that as my MONDAY MANTRA :-)