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Monday, April 2, 2012

fighting the negative nilly in your head

Why haven't I been blogging? Couple of reasons. I bought an Ipad2 and Blogpress is not working Ugh... I am determined to figure it out because if I don't---i've wasted my money. Who like to waste money? Not me.

I've been inching my way back to me.  What do I mean by that?  Well, I'm using my lunch hours again for walking.  I am still doing the zumba thang but I've been squandering my lunch hours on the computer and eating at my desk.  No mas!

I am figuring things out at work. I'm balancing two positions. Is it easy? Not always but I'm finding that I am capable of much more when I focus.  I am growing and that was my intent.

I met with my buddy pablo to plan our hiking goals for the spring/summer.  He suggests we go back to Mt. Tallac (elevation 9,000+) because even though I reached the top, I did not make it to the summit.  After reaching the summit of Mt. Tallac, maybe Mt. Whitney.  That's a big one.  So my goal is to build endurance. Maybe bikign will  help me do that since jogging sidelines me.

Close but no cigar

Aging--turning the big 50
Aging is bothering me as well.  I get angry that I cannot run, jump or hop like a 20 year. Why the hell did I wait so long to be 'active'?  Then, there's looking in the mirror. Not always liking what I see.  Then I go into "talk to self-down from tree" mode.  I say "paula, cheer up old woman. You're setting goals i.e., planning to climb a mountain AGAIN, growing at work... You're eating healthier and moving more. Age is just a number. IGNORE THE PATAS DE GALLO (crows feet).
Yes, self-talk is a great thing... My new motto--

So tell me. What  helps you fight the negative nilly that's inside your  head?

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