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Monday, April 23, 2012

i left my heart in SF

Hi friends, hope you all had a great weekend.  Mine was very productive.

Early Saturday evening we drove to San Francisco to leave my daughter and her husband at the airport. They are celebrating 5 years of marriage with a trip to Puerto Rico. Lucky bums....

Daniel was quite tired from a busy day of work so we did not get to enjoy the city.  What a shame as the architecture is just screaming to be photographed.  The picture above was taken after pumping gas.  So much is going on with this photo. The color of the builiding. The architecture and the cables seem to be running to and from the building.  Now if I only had a DSLR.

 I got really lucky with this photo. Pretty good for sticking my cell phone out the window as I drove past. Look at the many windows as they stick out of the building into the skyline.  And look at the signage.  You just can't take a bad picture in San Francisco even if you tried.

Here's to hoping you have a great Monday... Gotta lot to do this evening so I won't be able to get any exercise but with watching 3 kids, it's fair to say I'm getting plenty of activity in....

later gators,


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