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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beachin it and goals

My memorial day in pictures. My daniel lounging in the sun.

i cannot believe i got all my kids and grands together and we spent the day at bodega dunnes. It's about a two hour drive to Bodega Bay.  The scenery is dotted with small towns, shops and lots of cows grazing and laying in patures.  I thought about the life of a cow... you get to eat what you want, lay around but only to be slaughtered. How sad is that? Sorry, weird things pass through my crazy mind.

We arrived at the dunnes and boy was it cold.   The cold weather certainly didn't stop the grands from enjoying the ocean.

There is something wonderful in their laughter. I'm very lucky to have these little ones. I really think grandchildren are a parent's reward for having survived raising a family and all that it entails.

My oldest grandson isn't too thrilled with my picture taking.

We ended the day with a visit to the sweet shop for pop rocks and saltwater taffy. After our drive home, i showered and prepared for my week.

Then I got to thinking as I prepared my meals for the next day. I have not had any weight loss goals for over a year.  I've semi-given up on weight loss. I don't want to give up.  I exercise. Eat healthier but gone are the food obsessions of counting calories and thinkin 24/7 about weight loss.

It's time I get back to basics and drop some weight.  I will be posting my weight on june 1st.... Wish me luck, okay.


  1. My friend has offered me a similar challenge. The biggest loser will be treated to lunch. I'm wishing you lots of success with your challenge.

  2. Thank you Forever Young. I hope I rise to the occasion. Here's to wishign us both success with our challenge.

  3. Hi Paula,

    Congrats on your weight loss success thus far!

    I'm the founder of SparkLeaf, a before and after weight loss challenge community.

    I’ve been checking out your online presence documenting your weight loss journey, and find it to be very impressive. I feel that you could provide tremendous value to the SparkLeaf community. Therefore, I would like to invite you to join SparkLeaf’s private beta launch.

    If you're interested, feel free to contact me at frank (at) sparkleaf (dot) com.

    No matter what you decide, I wish you the best of luck in reaching your fitness goals!

    Thank you very much for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.