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Monday, May 7, 2012

forgive myself the imperfections of my body

Monday is the day I get my arce back in gear. It's been 3 weeks with no activity. Life happens and we roll with the punches.  It's rather warm in Sactown but that did not stop me.  I laced up my shoes and snapped this picture before heading out.
Ummmm--cankles is the first word that comes to mind and the second word is RAZOR... yea, someone needs to shave their legs.

I wore shorts today and my thighs are huge.  I passed a couple of co-workers and was instantly embarassed thinking they must be commenting to theirselves "damn!!! she's got some thights.." Then, I turned off the negative nilly that resides in my head.  The important thing here paula is that you get back in the swing of things and that means a walk, in shorts at lunch.

Off to the park I go... I am going to forgive myself the imperfections of my body.  Instead, I'll concentrate on the lovely latin crooning that that I am streaming through Pandora, and the feel of the cool breeze that comes now and then across my face as I make my way back to my office.  I feel happy that I am not squandering my lunch hour on the computer. I am taking comfort in knowing that I did something good for my soul and heart.

I could have easily gotten caught up in my thoughts and negative body image. I think we all can relate to that voice inside our head... the one that is not so nice and who is really good at pointing out our flaws and perfection. She can be a real "bitch" sometimes.  I kicked her to the curve and just lived. By doing this, I said to hell what others might think---or better yet, to hell with the negative nilly that resides in all of our heads.

Here's to just doing....


  1. it's funny..we only think we are visible when we notice..people notice us every day and I bet it isn't even a blip on their radar. Good on you for ditching the voice and having fun.

  2. what christine said. and heres to getting up each day and kicking her BACK TO THE CURB.