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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

meal in a pan

Doesn't it feel great when you start out your week with lots of veggies and a good work out?

Monday morning, I made me a smoothie of spinch, protein poweder, plain soymilk and some frozen fruit. Then I was off to work at office #1. 

I had hoped to take a walk during my lunch hour but I  had to run to office #2. Whew, it's been 5 months doing two jobs and I've  yet to find a consistent way to get my workouts in at  noon. But I am not giving up... It will happen once I am feeling more confident in office #1.

I went to zumba after work and it felt great to move about. Then it was time to come  home and figure out dinner.  First, I needed to put a load in the washer.  What did I find in the garage?  Remnants of insolation everywhere.... I cleaned up a tiny bit and then headed to look in the fridge to see what I could eat.

I needed to think about lunch for the next day too so I grabbed a chicken sausage, onion, poblano pepper and a zuchini.  Diced them up and grabbed a skillet. Added a dollop of coconut oil and began to cook my "meal in a pan."

Added some fresh garlic as well...

I needed a little something more for my dinner and next day's lunch. I found some left over spanish rice that I made with fresh tomatoes, garlic and onion...
Tada.... Dinner and Lunch. 

This was delicious and then I thought, I should make something similar to this and stuff the poblano.... I am so happy I'm starting to create in the kitchen again. It's nothing fancy but it was cooked on my stove and not procured out of a drive through on a late night when it could have been easier.

Well, better get back to work. I'm sneaking in a break.


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