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Friday, May 4, 2012

what I see behind my eyes

What is that saying?  Eyes are the doorway to the soul?   I can never remember sayings but that is what came to mind as I took my "self-portrait" this morning. I've been taking "self-portraits" this year to monitor how I am aging. Don't laugh okay? I'm gong to be the BIG ASS 50 in a couple of months.  Where did the freakin years go?  Half my life is over.... ("okay, paula, don't go there.  Climb down from the tree.")

Anyways, back to my self-portrait.

First thing I notice is my eyes.  They look sad.  I am tired and a tad weary, but I am not sad. 

or am I?

I have often said "activity and exercise has improved  my life immensely." I equate it with HAPPINESS.  Perhaps my eyes reflect that I have been "inactive" for 3 weeks. 

I do believe your eyes do say alot about you and luckily for me, with all these self-portraits I  have taken in my 49th year, I can monitor my feelings along with my aging process.  But I'll save my "musings on aginig" for another post. For now, I will concentrate on cheering up my soul.  I'm off to make a 30 day work-out plan. 

What do you see behind your eyes?  I challenge you to do self-portraits for a month.  Do a little self-discovery. 

Later, gators.

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