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Sunday, June 24, 2012

California dreamin

Wow, i had a fabulous and relaxing weekend. Daniel and i drove to Monterey, California. I have lots of pictures but if i could just share a few. Here we are driving on Carmel road. The views are breathtaking.

Here we stopped to turn around and got lucky with this view.

This post is sort of backwards. Before getting to Carmel, we drove along the 17 mile strand in Monterey.

This was taken from the car before reaching Pebble Beach.

I got lucky with this picture. Love the wild flowers. I must say that this drive, with the stunning views, sounds of the ocean and cool breezes made for the most relaxing day. We had great music in the car and at one point we were listening to Spanish guitar music.

Daniel looks crabby, but i assure you he was enjoying the ocean. His favorite part of this trip were the seals at Monterey, which i will share in tomorrows post. I have unpacking and laundry but just had to post about my wonderful 3 day vacay. I say this often but i am so lucky to live in California.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! I have wanted to go to Monterrey every since i saw it on the travel channel years ago! LOL. Beautiful place!