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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

...:I've given up on weight loss."

I cannot believe the words I uttered today.  As I sat at a pot luck with pizza, chicken and salad on my place, listening to my co-worker say she wasn't  having a slice of cake and  how disappointed she was that the scale was not moving despite working out with a trainer, I uttered "I'VE GIVEN UP ON WEIGHT LOSS... 

For two years my scale huvers (sp?) at 173-178. It stays this say despite working out or not working out.  I have stopped counting calories. I have stopped measuring. I have stopped being consumed with what I am going to eat next.  I feel relieved but I also realize this "thinking/attitude" is dangerous for me. If I continue to think along these lines, the 45 lbs. that I  have lost thus far will return.

It's not about the destination. It's all about the journey and for this reason. I am recommitting myself to  health and fitness. No more candy and I am preparing a workout schedule.  It will include jogging, zumba, biking and weights.

My motto is "I may not be where I want to be but I'm certainly not where I was."  Shame on me for giving up.....

I don't know how I got here. All I know is I don't want to stay in this place....


  1. Cheering you on. For me, every once in awhile something clicks and I start to eat better and lose weight. Happily, this is one of those times and I am making every effort not to lose the momentum. As you said, "I may not be..." but so glad to be ahead of where I was.

  2. So excited that you have recommitted to your health and fitness journey. That is awesome!!

    Stay focused!