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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

reaching for clothes at the back of the closet

Yep. That is what I did this morning when I was figuring out what to wear to work. I grabbed a size 14 pair of jeans that were nearly falling off of me just 6 months ago. They are still loose but not as much as before. I was so close to a size 12.  Don't you just  hate it when you know the scale is inching up by the way your clothes fit?

It's a wake up call. One of many that I've had in the last 6 months.  I'm taking small steps again like I did in the beginning.  I was cray-cray busy at work but I forced myself for a 2 mile walk. I'll inch my way back up to jogging at noon but until then, I'll do  my best not to jump off the  ledge.

You know that panicky feeling you get when you realize you've gained weight? It's a precarious little place to be.  You're one choice away from choose a cheeseburger vs. the chicken salad and then you top off with a shake.

This morning, I was in our business office and there were cookies on a table. BEAUTIFUL COOKIES. I stared at them for a few mintues until I was caught and was offered one. I declined but more out of embarrassment than choice.

trying to right the ship... one choice at a time....

send me good thoughts okay?


  1. Lots of good and healthy thoughts coming your way, and please toss a few back to me!

    1. Hi buttercup. Thank you for sending me healthy thoughts and I'll definitely be sending you some back... best, pwc

  2. Definitely sending positive, keep at it vibes... right now I need them too.

    I horrified myself on Monday when I hopped on the scale after a busy weekend away (OK, expecting a 'small' rise) and saw what I'd done to myself!

    We both know how to do it - we've proved that. All we need is a little encouragement and a whole lot of self discipline. We can do it!