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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

body, mind and more importantly, my soul

So here's the thing.  I've been unmotivated to lose weight. I'll not bore you with the list of reasons becasue if you struggle with weight, you've been where I am and you don't need me to rehash our woes.

I have spent the last two months trying to ignite my fire.  Except, I can't find the damn ignition button but I'm still looking for it.  I hiked Woods Lake quicker than years past.

I've been doing some biking. Not as much as I'd like, but I'm still getting out there.

Been traveling to the beaches instead of staying inside the house during  hot weather. 

My healthy eating has been good 4 out of 7 days. It's not where I'd like it to be but I am confident I will have more good days.

I've been attending easy and hard zumba classes but my attendance has not been consistent.

I've decided I need to IGNITE THAT IGNITION AND PRONTO.  So what did I do?  I signed up for a 5k in September. Not just any 5k. I signed up for the  Foam Fest with obstacle course.

I've not jogged consistently for a loong time.  So I'm excited to have this goal. I'm excited to do this 5k with my daughters. I'm excited that they're excited.

I have a schedule of workouts and I am truly hoping this will ignite my passion and help the scale move down a bit.  Actually, I would love to lose weight but that's not why I am doing this. I am discouraged with weight loss but I want the feeling back that I am doing something wonderful for my body, mind and more importantly my soul.

Yes, I think I see a few embers.  How about you?  What does the months ahead look like for you?  If you're reading this, please share.


  1. Hi Paula

    Great plan. Blow on those embers and they'll turn into a nice steady flame in no time!

    As to you saying that you'd like "the feeling back that I am doing something wonderful for my body, mind and more importantly my soul" I agree with you 100%.

    That's just how things are for me too and although it's hard, it does make a difference when you 'know' you are doing something 'good' for yourself. That's where I'm heading too.

    So let's cheer ourselves on and celebrate all our victories, however small or insignificant they may seem to anyone else. We know we're doing great!

    1. Deniz, right on! That's the spirit. Let's just keep thinking how AMAZING we will feel once we're in our groove and doing healthy things for our bodies, souls and mind. Thank you for sharing. Feels good to be validated.

  2. I know what it's like when you've lost motivation. A year ago I was gaining. Now I'm losing. I guess that motivation is something that comes and goes. I've got getting fit as one of my August goals, which means being able to run for 30 minutes, which is sort of like a 5k, although I'm running that race on my own. Best of luck to each of us! Foam Fest looks like fun, we've got something called Mud, Sweat and Tears here, people can dress up if they want.