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Thursday, August 30, 2012

living outside the box

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Why do celebrations always include food?  I should probably stop asking this question and just deal by making better choices when dining out.  I always see it as a chance to  have something different and that equals CALORIES.

My birthday found me at great restaurants with family and friends.  A dessert party with co-workers and a wonderful concert with three of my favorite latin crooners.  It was wonderful but obviously I can't continue down this path. I did manage some exercise i.e., walking, jogging and zumba.  That always helps, right?

I vow to self to be more concscious of my food choices as I head out of town for a 3 day weekend.  I'll be in Reno, NV staying in a timeshare with friends.  I'm so spoiled. 

Living outside my box
In over a week, I'll be doing a 5k. Not just any 5k, but the Foam Fest which is an obstacle course with FOAM... CRazy, right?  I've never done an obstacle course run and I'm very excited. 

This quote alone is enough to have me shaking in my shoes.  It feels great when I step outside my box  So far, 50 feels great.  I hope to keep the momentum in challenging self.  How about you?  What ACTIVITY would really have you outside your box?  Please share.

Thanks all and have a safe Labor Day weekend

1 comment:

  1. Anything to do with water since I can't swim - canoeing, rowing, kayaking, swimming!!! I really need to learn to swim. Every year I say I will but I have yet to actually DO it.

    So glad you had a wonderful birthday!