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Thursday, August 9, 2012

That which is hard, I avoid.

Damn! It has been HOT in Sacramento.  Last night I figured somethings out.  I attend zumba classes with two different instructors. One is challenging with lots of jumping, choreograph and rarely stops between sets  The second zumba class is more dance oriented and is slow.

Last night, instead of going to the hard class, I attended the easy class which was being held outdoors.  It was clearly 95+ degrees at 6:30 pm. I did 40 minutes of the class. I started to cough, sneeze and felt irritated. I scolded self with "you're tried paula. you have asthma. you can't be out  here."  With that, I left to Rite Aide to use some coupons and cash out my UP rewards.  I scored on razors btw.

As I was driving home I thought about my choice to attend THIS outdoor class. Why did I choose an easy class, which is outdoors instead of a challenging class indoors? It came to me: That which is hard, I avoid.  Why would I choose heat vs an indoor class?   My avoidance is that severe, that's why...

While I do give myself mad props for attending the class in the heat, as I could have easily went straight to Rite Aid.  If I'm really honest with self: I'd say I need to challenge myself more.  I am thankful for the self-talk that I do with self.  For coming here and blogging about something as trivial as this post. It helps me look at my actions and then make changes accordingly. I love bloggin....

chow  mein guys.


  1. I decided to not workout..because it was raining. Ummm my gym is indoors.

  2. Stop beating yourself out. In those decisions that we learn and make us see are mistakes. Its part of life so be positive.
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