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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dear Paula,

Today is Day #2 using your lunch hour for workouts.  Doesn't it fell good to be using your hour constructively. Just keep it up. Remember that it takes 6 weeks for a habit to form.  Try to make this a priority again. 

Oh and please, do not read too much into your co-worker's question earlier today: "You still doing zumba and working out?" Yes, the scale has gone up in the last 8 months. It's just 6 pounds. I know. I know... I've got to get a handle on it so don't freak out. You're working on it.  No need to be super sensitive. You will never go back to 225 lbs. 

So when your friend asked you the question. I know you wanted to shout: WHY, CAN YOU TELL I'VE GAINED WEIGHT? DOES IT SHOW?

Easy paula. It's just a question. No need to PROJECT. Just stay focused.

QUESTION:  Can you relate to my thoughts?  How do you "process" the question when someone asks you if you're still working out?  Do you begin to project your fears and worries?


  1. If its a coworker or acquaintance I just say "yes I am" if it's a close friend I'm more apt to be more honest if I've slacked off or missed a few.

    Most times it's not a personal question just a conversation starter or filler.