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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Enchilada sauce faill

Or is it?

My tomato plants continue to produce. I picked a handful and cooked 5 tomatoes with 3 dried Guajillo peppers. Once they were tender, I blended with salt, garlic and my last flour tortilla.  It did not want to throw it out so I decided to use it in my sauce. Traditionally, you would make heat oil in a skillet, add flour and make a rue before adding tomato mixture.  Today I'm just having fun.  And truthfully, I've run out of ways of using these tomatoes.

Immediately, I realized i should have used half the tortilla. live and learn.

I cooked a couple of chicken breast, grated some pepper jack cheese and began to assemble my enchilladas. A traditional recipe requires you to heat the skillet with oil, dip the tortilla, then bath in the sauce, fill and roll. Instead of tradition, I nuked my tortillas in the microwave until they were pliable.  Then dipped in sauce, etc.

They are done and well, it's time to taste-test.

I should not have used the entire flour tortilla for this experiment.  Instead, I should have used maybe half or 1/4.  The sauce was too thick.   Hmmm, now what to do with the extra sauce?
 I do hate to waste food.

I think this sauce would add an extra layer of flavor to say pork. Yes, I'll freeze and save to use in a crock pot recipe.  Certainly cooking in a crock pot with either pork or chicken will thin it out.

So while this recipe was not a success, it was not a fail either.

Freezer it goes.

Hmmm, now what to do with these green tomatoes, bell pepper and wax peppers?  Any ideas?

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