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Saturday, September 15, 2012

I friends. How is your Saturday? My Daniel is working today and so i am spending a lovely day just being. I attended my granddaughters soccer game. Went out for lunch. Did laundry. Got a pedicure and shopped for jeans for Daniel.

I even had time to pick peppers from the garden and make stuffed peppers.


I can't wait to taste them when Daniel gets home.

I am very proud of self today. Not just because i got so much done but because instead of getting ice cream like i wanted, instead i opted for this

Delicious mango with tajin.

Un sabado perfecto. Perfect Saturday.


  1. Perfect Saturdays are wonderful!!

  2. looks fab! Hope things are going well over believe I will be posting more often. Back at it and all.

  3. stuffffed peppers make me think fall.
    Im ready for fall in Texas :-)


  4. I don't like peppers but still want to taste one. For the sake of being adventurous. But I love mango. I'm addicted to it.
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