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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

portions at Noodle & Company

Day #3 leveraging my lunch hour.  I walked 2 miles to the park and back and then grabbed a salad to eat at my desk. It was a casual walk but felt wonderful to be out in the crisp air. There is hint that Fall is just around the corner. Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year.

Can I share something with  you? Last night, I was on my own for dinner and decided to hit up Noodles & Company. I was confused as to what to order and I half-heartedly decided on the penne rosa.  It's been ages since I've eaten pasta.

I was pretty hungry and ate the entire serving. It was delicious. For some reason, it takes awhile for my brain to tell my stomach that I'm full.  I'm becoming  more consciuos of it. And I'll tell you why in a moment.  Because Noodles & Company is right next to Pink Berry, I decided to get a very small serving of yogurt as a dessert.  I regretted not saving 1/2 of my pasta for the next day. Darn it. If I had eaten 1/2 this serving, then having the small dessert would have been perfect. I can be a glutten at times.  Can you relate?

I had my small kid serving of yogurt with granola topping.  It was delightful. Just enough. Then, during my walk back to my car, it HIT ME. I felt miserably full.  It was only 6:30 pm.  I went to sleep at 11 pm because I was still incredibly uncomfortable.  I could not sleep.  I woke up twice in the middle of the night feeling the gut bomb still in my stomache..

Come morning, that fullness stayed with me. I would not eat breakfast until 10:45 because I was still  uncomfortable.
While I was at Noodle & Company. I watched others be served bowls of pasta similar in size. I think this was a regular.  I never asked for a large.  Obviously, the yogurt was over- kill. But I'm still  pondering the serving size of my pasta.  

Do you think my pasta was a reasonable serving?  

Being that full was a miserable feeling.  I will definitely be more conscious of the "delay in feeling full" in the future.

Have you been to Noodles and Company?  What do you think about their servings and does your stomache take longer to tell your brain you're full or is it the other way around? 

I remain,

Confused in Sacramento


  1. Well I remember from my diabetic nutrition classes and Weight Watchers....a "portion" of cooked pasta is half a any restaurant serving is at least 3 x that normally.

    Depends on what you mean by "reasonable". If it was too much for you..then it wasn't, right?

    It might be reasonable for my teenage son though - although I think he has furnace in his stomach and food just incinerates - but I'm off topic.

    There's too much ambiguity in portion sizes, I think you have to figure out what works for you.

  2. I've started to order the 1/2 portion for their plates and it is sufficient for me. However, I get the regular for the older two kids and they eat it up and even want dessert. Too much carbs is not good, I think you just had extra fiber with the granola that did extra expanding in your stomach, which left you feeling full longer. I am an overeater and binger so I can go way overboard unless I portion things out myself.