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Monday, September 10, 2012

time of my life

It's been 2 days since the Foam Fest and I am still sore and bruised.  It was a blast. I cannot believe I did every obstacle. The obstacle below was one of two obstacles that proved most challenging because of my scare of  heights.  When I reached the top, I couldn't figure how to climb over. I was afraid of falling over. I even said "I can't make it."  The young girl below me talked me through the climb. She suggested I lay my body over t he medal and then lift my lef over, sliding me feet onto a rop, holding onto the medal bar. It worked and next thing I know, I'm climbing down. I felt triumphant.  My heart was racing.  My youngest daughter decided not to do it. She said she was over thinking the process too much so opted out.  I was secretly glad.  I couldn't climb that thing and worry about her too.

Before the obstacle above, there was a 50 foot drop slide. Going up was scary but when you reached the top of the slide, I noticed it went STRAIGHT DOWN. There was no where else to go but down so I closed my eyes and just let myself fall.  It was thrilling and scary all at one.

None of us took our camera for fear it would get ruined, but we did snap some pictures afterwards.

My youngest Sabrina and I after receivig our meals
Sabrina finishing the foam race

My daughter Jessica finishing

This is my favorite picture of the event. Me and my two daughters.
I am so lucky to have been able to do this event with my girls.  I wanted something to mark my 50th year and this event did just that... It felt great when my youngest said "mom, did you think at 30 that you'd be doing this at 50?" I was like NO WAY. 

 Today I faced my fear of heights.  I completed an obstacle course. I can't believe how confident I felt after climbing the third wall. Of course, the walls had space to lodge your feet and climb up.  I was afraid the walls were more military-like. I thanked God as I finished the run. I thanked him for good health and the ability to participate.

I felt truly present and alive.  And in that moment, all the glory when to God. 
Victory is Mine!!
 I was feeling so triumphant after receiving my medal.  It was a blast to have done this event.  It took us 1.2  hours to finish. It's difficult to run when your clothes are wet and muddy.  And, not to make excuses, we did have to wait in line to do some of the courses. My niece finished in 1 hour.

I'm okay with our time.  It worked out great my girls and my grandson did the obstacle courses together. I feel very proud to have completed the run. 


  1. You are amazing!!! Way to go.

  2. You should feel proud for completing the run! It sounds like a fun run.