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Friday, September 7, 2012

will you share?

Hi friends, are  you glad it's Friday? I sure am. Picked up my bib last night for the Foam Fest. I'm excited for the challenge and super excited that I'm sharing this experience with my daughters and neice. I love the idea of creating memories in this fashion.

I jumped on the scale today. It read 178.5. I'm down 1 pound.  I can certainly do better about my eating and for motivation, I downloaded the book Sass yourself slim.  I don't normally read these types of books but I need to get fired up about my eating.  Eating right 80% of the time has been THE most challenging on this journey to good health.

I am finding myself getting bored with my salads and meals so I figured I'd read the book for inspiration and motivation.  I also wanted to ask for your help.  If you have a healthy "go-to" meal that you prepare after a longs days work or a great salad that you take to work, would you share that with me?  I am visiual and was hoping you would email me a picture of your meal.  You can send it to 

I'd love to recreate them and post them here.  Seeing your pictures just might spark excited about eating healthy meals instead of sushi and tacos.

Gotta run guys, I hope you have an awesome day. 


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  1. Have a great day. I sent you an email about blog design.

    Hope your event goes well and you have FUN!