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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Am I being judged due to my weight?

Fast-Forward Sass Yourself Slim
Iif you read yesterday's post you probably just nodded your head.  I deleted it after reading how counter-productive my behavior was.  I needed to write it out so I could examine it. Done...

About Sass Yourself Slim/5 Day Fast Forward. It feels like a fad diet.  I find it difficult to eat during the times recommended.  I switched some of the 4 meals around. I had the smoothe for breakfast instead of 10 o'clock at  night. I am asleep at 10 p.m.  I'm eating the recommended meals but switching the order.

It's day #2 and I'm already off plan.  I added egg whites, used spring mix/spinach combo for my salad.  The fast-forward is very restrictive.  I'll continue as best I can as my goal is to reduce sugar cravings and ultimately, regulate my hunger.  I know the juice from the orange contains sugar and well, it's not easy reducing sugar from one's diet.  

I am drinking lots of water and because the fast forward recommends Tea, I'm sipping a cup of this after lunch.

Last night, I met our walking group for an intermediate 7 mile urban hike from 65th Street, to Sacramento State College, then to Watt Avenue through the Bike Trail and back.  I cannot believe we hiked this just under 2 hours.  The group was fast.  I met a 74 year old woman who walked faster than I and she did it effortlessly.  She was such an inspiration.

While waitng for others, I introduced myself to a woman and was immediately told the hike would be tough and strenuous.  I knew this as I read comments from others who completed past hikes.  I told the woman I had climbed Mt. Tallac twice and thought I could handle it.  She looked suprised.

On the way back, I thought of the woman's warning.  I am embarrased to say this but for a minute, I wondered if the question had anything to do with my weight?  Obviously, I'm heavier than most people in the group.  I did not like this negative feeling or felt maybe my thoughts had to due with insecurity and being self-conscious.  If I'm going to be honest with self, I have felt the sting of prejudice from being fat.  Not often, but I think it lays somewhere... just below the surface. I did not like thinking:  Am I being judged by my weight?

I could be completely wrong.  It could be guilty of projecting my own feelings here. But let's be honest. Has this thought ever crossed your mind?

In the end, it really doesn't matter. We should not let our perceptions or our insecurities stop us from enjoying life.  I'm not going to wait until I lose weight to get out there and live. No way...

Tell me, have you ever felt prejudice due to your weight?  If so, do you think it's legit or all in our heads? 


  1. I do not think it is in your head. I have been heavy and thin and PEOPLE DO JUDGE YOU BASED ON YOUR WEIGHT. I don't care what bullsh*t people pull out of their rear ends wanting to sound pc. I may be more open and forthcoming now...but I did NOT imagine no customer service when I was fat, the sneers, the 'invisibility cloak'. The DOOR IN THE FACE AT THE GYM my first time going at 220 lbs. I haven't had a door slammed on me since. I wish people would stop saying it's imagination. It isn't.


    copy and paste that...not to be mean, but at the end of ONE DAY those girls were crying.

  3. I've felt prejudice because of weight. It was after I lost my weight! I was at the dentist office, because of the size of my family I'm popular. They usually block out the better part of their morning schedule for us. Anyways, the dental hygienist was introducing me to the new receptionist. She was a young 20 something and a bit over weight. She greeted me with "You have seven children and look like that? It's unfair!" I was stunned. Would it of been fair if I was still obese?

  4. i agree with christine, people are judged on SO many things and yes weight is one of them. Whether its weight, skin color, age... people are always going to be judgemental but its letting the self doubt creep into us that does the most damage so I'm glad youre aware of these thoughts and shaking them off! As for the fast forward, even if you take away from it the use of less salt and sugar its a step in the right direction. The only thing I disregard about the book is eating within an hour of waking up. That doesn't work around my all day schedule so usually it ends up being more like 2 hours after I wake up that i eat my bfast. It definitely takes a lot because a) youre following a plan your not used to and b) while following that plan you need to pay attention to your body and learn how it communicates with you. (not always so easy)