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Friday, October 19, 2012

Got any suggestions to help combat mental fatigue that spills into your energy?

Hi friends, how's your day? I am happy that it's Friday. I've been exhausted.  I had a 6 mile urban hike scheduled yesterday and all I wanted to do was rest my head and so I did. I layed on the couch. Not sleeping but just resting and it felt glorious.  I got a suprise moments later when Daniel walked in with his luggage. He was home early!  We were both too tired for catching up so we  hugged and each of us zonked out.

My exhaustion is not a physical tired. It feels more mental. Does that make sense?  There is alot of "learning" going on at work.  It's challenging at times.  But challenges are good. Especially since I was in my comfort zone for too long. Hopefully, I will adjust.

About feeling challenged. It's a glorious feeling after the fact, don't you think? I keep thinking about my last climb to Mt. Tallac and the Foam Fest where I had to dig deep. I was challenged physically and I want to keep up that momentum.  But with the challenges of work, I DO NOT HAVE the phsyical energy.

At least the challenges of work reminds me that pushing one's self is necessary in life.  Otherwise,  you stay the same.  That's what the day hikes have been about... NOT STAYING THE SAME.  I need to push my boundaries physically, but I am zapped at the end of the day.
Can you relate?  When you are mentally challenged, do you find your physical energy to be ZERO?  If so, how do you cope. Do you continue to exercise and work through the mental/physical tiredness or do you just listen and give yourself a short break?

Got any suggestions to help combat mental fatigue that spills into your energy?


  1. Hi Paula-
    I know exactly what you are speaking of. I deal with mental exhaustion due to work a lot. I find on the days that I don't want to do anything but go home and sit on the couch and veg out are the days that my body needs to be active the most. Try it the next time you are mentally zapped, a long walk or hike, or a Zumba class may just be the refresher your brain needs. But also, listen to your body. I do take one weekend day or morning or afternoon to just relax and not do much.

  2. Yes. I don't want to workout when I am mentally out of it, however, if I have a personal challenge (like doing Jillian DVDs for 30 days), I make myself do my workout. And often, I feel better. It's like having a contract and if I don't do what I agreed on, then I broke the contract. So if you had a planned hike, and you bagged on it, did you feel better or worse? If it was worse, then I think it wasn't worth it. If you felt better, then you needed the physical break as well as the mental. Sometimes we just have to "snap out of it". Buena suerte, amiga.