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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

fightin the funk

Hi friends. I'm feeling sort of out of it today. I won't bore you with the details.

Instead, I will share a picture I took on Saturday afternoon. I didn't want to "exercise" but knew i needed to get out and be active. So I opted for a stroll to Old Sacramento. I parked downtown in a grage and walked to Old Sacramento.

After walking for awhile, I snapped this picture of a stair way.  Gosh, I think it would be neat to have a wedding here. 

This stairs lead down to the original floor level of Old Sacramento.  The town was raised due to flooding since it sits next to the Sacramento River. There were remnants of a building where the windows were covered in brick.  Raising the buildings left several tunnels under Old Sacramento. I think there is a tour that I'd definitely would like to take. 

Old Sacramento is a photographer's playground. 

I took this picture as I walked back Downtown from Old Sacramento via this tunnel. Geez, this has been here for years....  There used to be lots of shops on K Street Mall.  Many merchants have left.  Wish they'd come back. I did visit The Body Shop and bought me some lotions?

I walked for a total of 2 hours.  It's not necessarily a workout but I am still careful to be active. 

Just one of my ways of fightin the funk. 


  1. That is better than sitting back and eating something that you shouldn't. Good for you. I walked 2 hours yesterday, and nearly died. My feet hurt so bad.

    Great pics.

  2. I love street art...I should get out and see my city more as well. It is a good way of brushing off the doldrums. Great pics.