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Friday, October 12, 2012

Hunger is a bitch!

Update 5 day Fast-Forward
Did not follow the 5 days to the letter, but I have done well to limit salt and sugar. Towards the evenings, I really craved carbs.  And then this morning, I caved and ate a hunk of fresh baked french bread.  Why did I bring that into the house?  Now, all I want is sweets.  What did I learn:  Eating carbs brings sugar carvings.

Hunger pangs
I've eliminated snacks and replaced them with water and unsweetened tea.  I like this concept and want to continue with eating 4 small meals at scheduled times. What did I learn: I need to really work on the evenings where I am STARVING, despite having consumed 1400-1500 calories even with exercise.

For example, after I've eaten, I literally felt hunger pangs in my stomach. I tell myself it's not really hunger because I've eaten something. Perhaps I'm so used to NOT feeling hunger by eating every 2-3 hours that it's something that I need to grow accustomed too? Maybe. I've always eaten until I am no longer physically hungry. Only full.  This is something the 5 day fast forward is teaching me.

Weight Loss
Did I lose 8 lbs.  like the Sass Yourself Slim promised with the 5 day fast forward?  Nope, more like 2 lbs.  But I attribute that loss to the extra miles I've been walking.  If I'm going to be honest, I did not follow the 5 day fast forward to the T. There were evenings where the hunger was too much and I more nuts or dried fruit.  Do I feel failure?  A little in that I didn't try hard enough to follow the rules.  It felt too restrictive and HUNGER was too present. I learned something here.  Hunger is a bitch and I need to learn to live with it in between meals.  It's not the end of the world and I'm not going to die.

I am also listening to my body.  Asking self: Is it phsyical hunger? How can it be when I just drank a smoothie, or eaten an egg white omlette with spinach? 

I'm going to continue reading the book. Cook some of the recipes and generally, eat more veggies, protein, and introduce more spices in my cooking. I  hope this will steer me away from salt and the ever challenging SUGAR and BREAD cravings I battle.

I've been logging my food using the My Fitness Pal app and even when I think I've eaten less food, I get the message of: If you ate this way for 1 week, you'll weigh 174.4 lbs.  Fuck!!!  Really? 1400-1500 calories is too much food and will keep  me at 174.4 lbs?

Hunger is a bitch... why won't she go away and let me live and eat less...

Okay... this is a journey. I learned something and that's a good thing, right?


  1. I keep repeating the same lesson you just learned....the more processed carbs I eat, the more cravings and hunger I get, plus a few other not so great effects.

  2. thats exactly it paula, you're learning and youre coming to listen to your body and pay attention to its signals :) You'll find that this lifestyle change requires a lot of patience and self study. Its kinda fun (though that may be the geek in me talking ;)

  3. It sucks, but what it really says is: "it's working!" lol