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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

undo my progress

Hi friends.  I spent yesterday in bed. Totally zapped of energy. I NEVER lay in bed to watch TV.  I even found myself eating ice cream out of the carton.  Was I depressed?  I don't think so.  Was I sick?  My asthma is bothering me but not enough to lay in bed, ALL DAY.

Maybe I was exhausted. Maybe it was having two slices of apple pie with vanilla ice cream with the family on Sunday. Could my body be crashing from sugar?

Either way, I listened to my body and layed around.  I had nothing in me so I figure I needed to recharge.

Damn, a whole day wasted... but there was nothing I wanted to do about that.  That was yesterday, Today, I went to work.  My goal is to continue eating at the allotted times. 

Breakfast was yogurt parfait with fresh fruit.  I could not eat an hour after walking up. But at least I stuck to the parfait.

Lunch was half a corned beef sandwhich with salad. I joined a co-worker at an interesting pub near my office.  I could have ordered an omlette but the menu was too extensive. Instead, went with the 1/2 sandwhich/soup combo. 

My next meal is scheduled for 5:30 but I need to hit up a zumba class. I need to force my body to move.  I know I'll feel better afterwards. Instead, I ate more berries and 1/2 c. of greek yogurt.

If I get hungry after zumba, I have fresh cilantro, diced cabbage that I can top with cuban black beans and onions. 

I can't explain yesterday. The only thing I can think of is  SUGAR HANG-OVER.

You  might think "Paula, why did you eat pie and ice cream after working so hard during the 5 day fast forward?"

The answer:  My family and I planned the Apple Hill trip and I knew I would purchase a pie for the family.  I thought about post-poning the 5 day fast forward until after the Apple Hill trip.  But thought why post-pone the inevitable. I secretly prayed for will-power but fully knew that was wishful thinking. I had hoped to merely taste the apple pie but like all addicts, I used.  My drug of choice was PIE.

I will always struggle with sweets... I am hoping I will remember how DRAINED I felt yesterday and hopefully, that "feeling" will help me reconsider the next time I undo my progress and am faced with something as tempting as fresh baked apple pie.

What else can I say in my defense other than admit my momentary defeat.  Addicts remove people and drugs from their lives but sugar addicts, well, it's a little more challenging, or is it?


  1. That was me today. Too many sleepless nights. Too much sugar. I'm still working out though because I am hoping my eating and exercise will negate each other. Asthma is bad too because of season change, so keep taking asthma and allergy meds.

  2. I can one hundred percent relate to this too.
    and thats how I finnnnnallly cut back on my sugar.
    reminding myself how I felt.