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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Urban Hike - River Walk and Discovery Park

PWC got a face lift thanks to my friend Frances at Carbie Girl. Frances is one of a handful of bloggers I met when I first started blogging three years ago.  I remember how excited I was to find her first blog Cookies n Cocktail. I immediately identified with her. We're both Latina and are both too familiar with the temptations that we encounter when visiting family. Geez, if you're Latina, then you know when you go home you're going to be served Mole, Flautas and Taquitos.  Geez. You need an iron will to turn down those foods. If you've read PWC for awhile, then you know it's my biggest challenge.  I love veggies but I also love my tacos.

Thank you Carbie Girl for inspiring me and for taking the care with my blog makeover.  Mil gracias amiga.

Urban Hike #2 - Old Sacramento, River Walk, Discovery Park & Confluence (American and Sacramento come together).
I'm still feeling "burnt out' on zumba so I joined Hikers and Company on an urban hike. We walked towards Old Sacramento, crossing the bridge into West Sacramento towards the River Walk.  This bridge is special because I grew up in West Sacramento. I even think my dad worked on it when he first arrived from the State of Texas. 

Walking along the river bank reminds me of home. We spent many summers at the Sacramento River.

We crossed the green bridge entering Discovery Park. Walking across this bridge also reminds me of my youth.  I can remember my cousin and I were riding our bikes to Discovery Park from our home in Broderick.  We were probably age 14.  I recall not being able to stop in time and I ran into a jogger. Ouch... poor guy.

After crossing the bridge, we arrived at Discovery Park and looked across the confluence where the Sacramento River and the American River meet.  Funny I never realized that growing up in this area.  I just knew it was a good spot to fish.

I don't have a good picture but it was pretty amazing standing there as the sun was going down. 

Here's our group.  We walked 5.2 miles in about 2 hours. I must say, it's a pretty amazing way to spend the evening.  Talking long walks like this in a group is a great way to see your city. 

Well, I'm headed to zumba.  Not feeling it but I should get my activity in for the evenings.

Later, gators.


  1. Triple love!

    Love your new look.

    Love CarbieGirl.

    Love your photos!!

  2. Glad you're enjoying the layout Paula :) I went to bed that night dreaming I was eating flautas at a Mexican restaurant lol Truly sleep is an ideal world where flautas and chips with salsa have zero calories ;)