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Saturday, November 3, 2012

joggin in flip flops... yep, I did that today

Good morning folks.  Daniel is back from working out of town and the man never ceases to make me laugh.  I made him carne con chile and tortillas.  I found him in the fridge reading labels. When I asked him what he was doing, he says "just want to make sure you're not giving me goat cheese."  I laughed. I am still laughing.  Really?  The smell alone would give it away.

Can't understand why he doesn't love goat cheese. I mean he grew up on a farm?  Lol.

After breakfast, we went for a walk at Royer Park in Roseville. I was wearing flip flops and felt the need to just jog. I may have done a mile. It felt wonderful.

Never under estimate the power of a brisk walk and jog.

It's funny that maybe we walked/jogged for 40 minutes. I love that 40 minutes doesn't even feel like exercise.  My goal after recovery is to keep moving.  I absolutely love the fall weather and I want to enjoy the warmth of the sun until ugly winter settles in.... When you love to walk, jog, hike, bike... winter becomes your less favorite season..

Yesterday, I had a few moments of sadness. I allowed myself to feel it.  I am sure training someone to fill in for me while I am on leave fueled the sadness.  The sadness did not last amazingly... It's all because I read a verse on a picture that has long been in my kitchen.  It read: "Faith is the bird that sings when the dawn is still dark."  Such powerful words.  I never noticed them before.  It was then that I dried my tears and heeded God's reminder that I trust in him.  He has my back.... Amen.

Well folks, I'm gonna take a shower and enjoy this day. Do the same, okay?



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  1. I'd like to get back to the place where a 40 minute walk is effortless. Since putting all the weight back on I don't even feel like walking. Sad.