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Thursday, December 13, 2012

12 12 12

12-12-12 was a great day for me. I woke up with lots of energy. Ran to Lale Day Spa to cancel my membership. Bummer, but it's just temporary.  Next to the spa, is the Sacramento River that runs up through these small river towns in the Delta.  It's quite  scenic.  I decided to enjoy the great Sacramento weather so off I go. .

Can I just say with chemo, I am not able to get my monthly manicure/pedicure, hot waxing and hair touch ups, thus the cancellation of my membership and hairy lip....jeje

But the scenery cheered me up.

The railroad sides to the side of the trail. I bent down to see if I could capture the curves of the bridge. I like the way this picture came out.

 As I walked further up the railroad tracks, I found this  lighted display of the North Pole. Must look amazing in the dark of night.

 On my way back towards the spa, I passed boats docked along the River front.  I recall my dad had a speed boat in our driveway when I was a kid.  I would  spend hours playing inside the boat while parked in the drive way. We would never get into the water even though we lived within walking distance of the River and boast launch. My mother was too scared for us to get near the water and so we never did. Shame we never took the boat out. My dad ended up moving to the Marina near our house.

After my walk, I headed to the Arden Fair Mall to Christmas shop. I must have spent 2-3 hours  walking. I felt pretty good that I got a decent amount of activity in from my day.

Afterwards, I headed to  La Esperanza Mexican market.  This is the only place I buy masa to make tamales.  Actually, everyone knows about this place since there is always a huge line this time of year.

If you wait to buy your masa on Christmas eve, you have to arrive early in the morning and wait at least an hour or two before being served. The line usually curves out the store and around the bend.

I prepared my pork the night before so I was ready to start assembling my tamales.  I want to make sure my kids have tamales on Christmas eve and if I wait, I might not have the energy or stomach for making them.

I was exhausted by 4:30  pm. and I called my daughter asking for help. She came to my rescue and we finished up.  We decided to have dinner at Tokyo Fros.

/We both wanted Sushi so bad.  She could not partake because her husband is allergic to shell fish and me, well, I am under doctor's orders to NOT eat sushi.  I am not even suppose to eat salads or veggies unless they are  scrubbed and prepared by yours truly.  It's been a challenge to eat fresh and unprocessed lately.  I've been relying on frozen veggies and eating way too many carbs.  I am determined to eat more whole foods. I'll just need to be careful and take the extra time to clean and prepare them properly.

Yes, today was a very good day.  I wish I could say I did not think about C or tomorrow.  For the most part, I'm very positive but you know how thoughts creep in. I'm getting very good at turning those thoughts around.

It's odd how C doesn't consume my every thought like it did initially. It's there but it's not if that makes sense.  I take greater joy in everything around me.  I guess C does that to you. It makes you look and appreciate life and people around you just that much more.  There is so much I want to do and most of all, I hope I can be a blessing to others. I don't know how, but I hope God reveals it to me. If that's his plan.

Many of my closest friends do not know about my treatment... A few co-workers, yes.  And of course family. But that's it.  It's hard to be open about C but I'm thinking maybe I should share more about it.  Maybe my experience can help someone else.  It totally helps me to come here  spew forth my thoughts.  For that reason, I'm debating being more open about it. 

My circle  not wide but I do have a few  friends whom I rely on and of course, there are my blog buddies. There are a few of you who have been with me since the beginning of PWC and I appreciate your emails and comments.  You all are the best.  Thank you reading my self-indulgent thoughts....



  1. I definitely think that sharing helps others. It may seem embarrassing and too intimate, but if you can save just one woman or even a man nowadays, it was worth it. I love your hair. You seem to have a good deal of energy now, so take advantage.

  2. I Rosa, I am completely taking advantage of my energy surges. Really, getting out and about helps invigorate me. I'm thinking I should start yoga again. I hope your workouts are going well. And I bet you're pretty excited about 2013. Have you thought of what you want to do career wise?