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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

And so it begins

It's been a tough two days. Hair has been falling out. Showering was was a tad traumatic. I was at my daughters house and i am sad that she saw me cry. We want to be strong for our kids. Losing my hair is breaking me more than i thought. But i am reminded that hair falling out is a sign that chemo is working. I feel a little alone on this front. But i know i am not. My daughter despite her own medical issues bought me a wig. I a, incredibly blessed and that helped as i showered this morning and removed the hair from my hands.

And this too shall pass.

Make up, hat and ear rings help.

Daily Affirmation. God never gives us more than we can handle.



  1. Just as gorgeous as ever. I love the hat.

    It made me a bit sad to know that you're hurting, but I know this is just a moment in time for you. "It" came to pass, "It" didn't come to stay. :)

    No food talk this time? *wink* :O)

    (((Big Giant Hugs)))

  2. Thank you Lisa and Chubby McGee. Appreciate the support and Lisa, I did play a little in the kitchen. I'll be posting pics of my little adventure. Cooking always cheers me up but truth be told, I'll be happy when I return to work and an exercise routine. Scale is inching its way up.