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Friday, December 14, 2012

Becoming Desensitized

H friends, how's your day going? The weather in Sacramento is cold.  I want to head outside to run errands but my cold is lingering and I feel a little tired It's hard to pay attention to your body, especially since my need for activity is so great.  I tell self it's important to listen to my body... and so I decide to stay home and rest.

I cleaned the kitchen and then showered. I felt a little sorry for myself this morning and even had a few tears.  Don't you just feel terrible when you give into sadness?  I forgave myself because I'm human but at the same time, acknowledged it's realness.

Then, I was reminded how other people endure real tragedy and hardships. I turned the TV to a professor who visited a refuge in Tanzania who protect children with albinism and then of course the shooting where so many children's lives were taken and God immediately humbled me.

I also realized and felt ashamed as I watched the news coverage of the shooting. These incidents have become all too common and what's worse, I personally am not shocked. How sick that I've become desensitized to such events.  I never want to lose my humanity and yet when I hear these things on the news, I'm less affected and horrified.  Don't get me wrong, I feel terrible about the events. It's just the shock factor hits me less.

Sorry for the rant.. just trying to make sense.

Anywats,  I've got pinto beans cooking on the stove with garlic and onions.  Daniel's dinner with be Tostadas and my dinner will be Cauliflower/Potato puree with cheddar.


1 comment:

  1. Hi Paula!
    I know what you mean about becoming desensitized. I feel the same way, yet no less saddened. :(

    You are a very courageous woman. So when the tears come, it's okay to give in to them. I think it helps in the long run.

    I love that you ended on a "pinto bean" note. My favorite!! :)

    Have a blessed weekend my friend.