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Monday, December 10, 2012

cookies and brussells

Hola friends, how was your weekend? I was feeling pretty good and did some shopping. Bought me an amazing pair of boots. Went totally outside my comfort zone.

Started my morning off to another baking session.  Geez, I just can't get pumpkin cookie recipe right.  Just as well, I don't need the extra calories.  But I do need something to occupy my time so I pureed this here pumpkin.

Searched "pumpkin cookies" and used this recipe.

 They don't look as pretty as the recipe picture but oh well. At least I have cookies for the grands.

Breakfast was two bowls of honey bunches of o's and a cup of almond/coconut milk.  Love this product btw.

 After some house work, I decided to repurpose the Steak Chicana I made the other day.  I added a can of mexican style tomatoes and brussell sprouts.  OMG.... this was a delicious soup.  Don't you just love it with you're able to repurpose left overs and give it a new face?

I spent the remainder of my morning researching venues and churches for my niece's 18th birthday party.  I'm glad she asked for my help. It totally gives me something to do while I heal.

Well gators, I'm gonna run. Literally. My son is here and we're going to hit the American bike trail for some walking/jogging. Okay, maybe not so much as jogging but it won't hurt if I run at least a yard.  We shall see. Hope your day is going well.  I really can't complain....

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  1. Always does my heart good to see how well you're doing. :) (((Big Hugs)))