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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

my afternoon in pics

Can I just shout out again how great it was to hit the American River Bike trail yesterday with my son and my camera. We headed out about 3 pm. and returned just as the sun was setting. I got some great pictures with my new camera. I'm a little bum that my lense was smudged but the pictures still show the beautiful American River. I've said it below, I'm very lucky to live within walking distance of this natural habitat.

Just as we were crossing the walk way towards Highway 50
Just under the walkway near the bike trail
This picture is my favorite by far. I just love the red berries against the yellow/green/browns

We walked off the bike path and walked near the river bank

This is the water plan and man, the colors were spectacular.  I wanted to capture the yellows coming in from the windows and the misty color in the background.  I'm just sorry the smudge is in the corner of my camera.

And this is what my camera caught as the sun was going down. Absolutely lovely.  Look at each blade of grass. I have lots to learn about photography and I'm grateful for the extra down time to take pictures and enjoy nature.
This afternoon, I spent my time doing prep work for tamales. I thought I'd make a few dozens for Christmas eve just in case I don't feel so well after my second chemo appointment.  Today I watched Giuliana Rancic's True Hollywood story and I cannot tell you how much her comment of "getting sick felt like I let my parents down" resonated with me.  That is exactly how I felt when I told my kids about my diagnosis.  I am suppose to be strong for them and well, that is exactly how I felt. Like I had failed them.

Interesting how life is, isn't it?

Well guys, I hope you're having an amazing day.  Even though my day did not include activity. I did eat some healthy eats. And I stayed completely away from the cookies. That's a good day indeed.

Have a great evening. I think I might take zumba class tomorrow. I'm excited.  Later, gators.


  1. beautiful pictures! :) We are so lucky to live in CA!

    Tamales sound delicious!