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Friday, December 7, 2012


Today, i felt pretty. Never under estimate the power of new makeup.

Showering is even getting easier. I am opening my eyes. Telling self this is the new normal. Really, i can accept the loss because there is so much to look forward too. Today, i even decided to make future plans, maybe Hawaii for my 51st.

Yes, today is a very good day.

New makeup helps one's outlook but what really made the difference today was the sun and a nice walk.

These views made me smile.

a local church near my house

The sun shining making the leaves on this tree look brilliantly bright. Love the colors on the grass. Major smile fest here.

The driveway to this home... with brilliant color as you reach the door
So happy with my Cannon Power Shot.  Yes, good day indeed.


  1. Paula your outlook on life is so inspiring and I feel like I just want to fly out to sacramento if only for a moment to give you such a hug! I haven't been around in weeks but wanted you to know I think of you often <3 (but not in a creepy stalker way ;) xoxo

  2. I'm glad you felt pretty because you sure are pretty!! and it's important to feel pretty and remember how blessed you are. Thank you for reminding me how blessed I am. You're an inspiration and here's to many more wonderful days!