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Friday, December 28, 2012

Tupac and a do rag

Hi friends, i hope your holiday was great. I made the most of it and i count my blessings every day. Being diagnosed with C feels like Christmas every day. Sounds strange because how is that possible?

I will tell you how. You appreciate every day, and then there is your family and friends. Man, you just feel the love.  It's a beautiful thing...

Most of my hair is gone with this second round of treatment. I never wear hats or scarves. It feels too frufru for me, but I have decided it's best to embraced it. Thank goodness I still have my eye brows. My daughter gifted me an eyebrow kit so I've been playing with the makeup.  You know, I was even inspired to wear a doo rag after watching Tupac Shakur, Resurrected. Man, i don't like rap but the guy was a poet. I was intrigued by his words/defense of his "thus life" attitude. He said he was merely diagnosing the problem in hopes to bring attention to the down-trodden and like Vietnam, hoped that by shedding lite on the matter, something would be done.  I find that thinking LOFTY but he went too far in his so called diagnosis... Anyways, what do I know... I just wore my scarf today like Tupac.  Does that make me cool?

In other news, I have been reading blogs and watching the news. Everyone seems to be doing a top 10 of 2012, so i think i will as too. But I want to do in an a collage format.  Like above.  So tell me,

Are you working on a similar post?


  1. You are very cool :) and you are beautiful. I wish you happiness and health for the new year. Hugs.

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  3. Paula, you look great! And I'm glad you're feeling such love from your family and friends. That's an immesurable gift!

    As for Tupac, I have to admit, I really like his song, "California Love". I don't like songs with profanity so avoid most rap. Love the beat though! :)

    Happy New Year my friend!