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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year friends. Luckily, I got plenty of rest last night and slept well. The morning started out with a little rain in SacTown so I thought I'd treat myself to Old Soul. I parked my car next to the Guild Theatre. Isn't this a cool building? The Mayor who was raised in Oak Park bought several buildings and had them restored.

 Old Soul is one of those buildings. They make the best latte.  I had a doctor's visit yesterday and due to my Gerd, he recommended I give up coffee. I'm seriously thinking about it and that's sort of what drew me to get the  latte this morning for breakfast. Tell me I can't have something and that's the first thing I want. I'm my worse enemy.

Here I am leaving with my cup of goodness.

My sister Vi is returning to Texas tomorrow and so I invited her to lunch.  I wanted vietnamese but she wanted to visit El Novillero. It was one of her favorite spots when she lived in Sacramento.

This staircase makes no sense since it doesn't lead to anywhere. I love the Hacienda feel of the place. Don't you think this would make a great place for a wedding?
 I ordered two flautas ala cart. They were huge. I asked the waiter for a container and then gave it to my sister.  I was full from eating chips n salsa. I had to really contain myself as I can easily inhale an entire basket. Eating was far from perfect. But at least I'm conscious of I'm doing.

After work, I headed over to Trader Joes. I needed a few items. My thought is if I have some quick "go to foods" then I will eat out less and or indulge in the food Daniel cooks.

 Here's my loot.  I will try to continue on with the grain free but there will be times I'll need to reach for grains.  The more I place foods off limits, the more I want them.

With groceries put away, I picked out some meat from the carne con papas Daniel cooked and made a quick salad.
 Dessert was two cups of mango.  Daniel had chocolate with a glass of milk. Then we settled on the sofa to watch Secretariat in Spanish. 
It's one thing to speak Spanish and it's another thing to watch a movie in Spanish.  I always wish I had the talent to write a Novela... Anywhooooo, I'm off to bed. Hope you all had a great day.

I really am looking forward to the start of March... How about you?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

slap yourself

You might wonder why is she posting a picture of jalapenos?  I have no real reason other than I love the colors and how the steam is rising in the photo. 

Instead of attending a healthy living seminar at work, I found myself at Kaiser having my lungs checked out. Still feeling crappy so instead of attending a healthy living seminar at noon, I had a doctor's visit. My asthma does not require me to use an inhaler every day so that's always good. I thought about that as I returned to work. Feeling "zapped" and then I thought, "why be the face of negative energy?" So instead of bemoaning inside my head, I decided to fake a smile and pretend to be on top of the world.  I'm telling you.  It kinda worked.

Do you ever have those moments of recognizing?  Of catching yourself being negative and then you take steps to turn it around? I need to practice that more often. 

Have you ever had a similar moment where you just slap yourself?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

gripa and rituals

Hi friends. Happy Thursday. I was out sick yesterday with a cold.  The first day of a cold is always the hardest. Instead of going to work, I called in and layed in bed until 8 a.m.  Then I remembered I have an ipad2. Why not watch a movie in bed. So not only did I watch a movie. I watched North and South.  I love watching period pieces.

It was easy to eat healthy while at home. After all, I have all kinds of veggies and lean meat in my fridge.  I even scrambled some eggs for dinner. 

I'm at work today.  Having  yesterday to just lay around certainly helped.  Daniel asked me why I get sick so often and I really don't have an answer. I eat healthy and exercise. I've just accepted that I have asthma and a cold can kick my ass if I don't care for myself and so I felt no guilt about yesterday. It's what I need to do so I don't end up with bronchitus. Is it mental? Maybe.  But if I don't care for myself, who will? 

So even though I brought gym clothes to work. Instead of a workout, I treated myself to chicken soup, lemon and lots of hot sauce...  Everyting tastes better with hot sauce, don't you think?
When you're catching a cold, do you have a ritual that helps you feel better?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

 After my lunch, I was ready to hit the park.  I forgot socks so I went without... What can I say, I 'm dedicated that way.
 The  high impact zumba class I've been taking must be working because here I am after  jogging 1.5 miles.  I'm not out of breath and I haven't jogged in a month.

 Just look at the weenie dog that walked passed me. How cute is he?

 This guy here ran from me when I snapped  his picture.

 This little guy was all "what are you dong?"  Must be the great weather because it seemed liked everyone was out walking their dogs.

 Isn't this the cutest house?
Here I am... all done with my 2 miles in 35 minutes. Not bad....

Fat Tuesday indeed

How's it going?  I'm chugging along. I've been off my "grain free" plan since Feb. 16th but have been trying to slowly get back in the swing of things.  My goal has been to continue with the protein for b-fast.

 This is one egg+1 egg white with Tapatio sauce.  This breakfast really stays with me.

 During lunch, I went to student center and asked for my usual.  Instead of my "bunless" burger, the cook gave me a bun. 

At least it's whole wheat.  Once you start eating sweets, then the craving for bread returns.

 After work, I headed over to my daughter so we can figure out how to facetime on my new ipad2.  She was serving chicken tacos and since I already  had grains at lunch, I made a quick salad of spinach, tomatoes, shredded chicken and more HOT SAUCE.

Once I was home. I continued to play with my ipad and watched snipets of  The Walking Dead 2. I had no idea this show started back up.  I kept closing my eyes when they were killing the zombies. So much gore and blood. Do you like zombie movies?

So today is Mardi Gras and there a party in my morning office. See those monster cookies dipped in fudge?. I couldn't resist and had one with coffee. The sugar monster has definitely returned.  I'm trying to slay him but am not having much luck.
Working in two offices is pretty cool now that I've gotten used to my routine.  Except... I'm around more food and more office shindigs...whatayagonnado?

I decided to eat my lunch of roasted chicken, carrots, cauliflower and turnips.  Turnips are really doing it for me lately since I miss potatoes as well.

I have a question: Does anyone know what Marti Gras or Fat Tuesday is all about?  For now, I'm going to refer to FAT TUESDAY because of all the treats in my morning office.

Off to for walk/jog.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

being present

Happy Sunday all. The weather today is just gorgeous. My morning started with coffee and fidding with my new ipad2.  It was a weekend splurge and I totally deserve.  Unfortunately, my weekend found me at this taco stand near my old neighborhood. For as much as I disliked the old "barrio", I totally miss spots like this...

 My eating continued down hill at BIL house.  There was carne asada, tostadas and enselada de nopal (cactus salad). I stuck with the carne asada and nopales until I saw the chip... Let's just say I had crumbs all over my face by the end of the night.  I've been off my paleo eating for 5 days now.  Not to frettt...

I started my Sunday morning with a bach of turkey kelbalsa and veggies.

 Then visited with my sister and planned a family baseball game for next week.  Daniel wanted to head to the movies but honestly? The weather is too pretty to sit inside. I grabbed my bike and headed out.

 Saw some turkeys on the way to Fair Oaks. Today was the first time I rode in heavy traffic. I was nervous and because I don't have a helmet decided to ride on the back roads where the gorgeous houses are located. How lucky am I that I have streets and streets like this within walking distance of my house.

 I kept snapping random photos and this one makes me laugh.  Bootie-li-cious....
It's still pretty gorgeous outside. Makes me excited for spring. I absolutely love riding my bike. It's the closest I can come to being a kid. As I rode, I just breathed in the wonderful smells of outdoors and thanked God for blessing me the ability to ride a bike. I know that may sound silly but it's important to appreciate the small things and not take too much for granted.
What small thing are you grateful for?

Friday, February 17, 2012


Hi there, how's your day going? Yesterday, we celebrated my daughter's 32nd birthday. Wow, where did the year go?  I left work early to stop at the Mexican market near my office.  The only thing I miss about my old neighorhood is not being near one of these....

 There's something unique about shopping at one of these markets. There is more inner-action with the butcher, the baker and I find people so friendly and talkative.

 The bakery... O.M.G.  I stood around smeeling the fresh bread and oogling the pastelitos.

I got to my daughters house and she had already started the posole. I went to her house during lunch to deliver the pork and chile verde that I prepared in advance.
 Here is my bowl of posole. I used a kids bowl and topped with shredded cabbage and lemon.

We had geletina (Mexican jello) and my son brought these cubcakes.  We all shared a few so we could taste them.  I definitely at more sugar than I have in weeks and my stomach paid the price. I was sick afterwards. This is the 3rd time I've eaten sweets and have gotten sick after going grain free. I told myself I would go grain free for 2 weeks. I am going to continue on but accept that from time to time, I will not be 100%.  Eating less sugar, grains and carbs will be the goal.

I had a very lovely day and I am thanking the good Lood for all his blessing. Have a great day all. I'm off to conquer my Friday....

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

do you get negative comments about your path to good health?

Hey friends, how's your Wednesday?  I'm finding myself wanting chocolate but other than that--I'm eating well and grain free.  I like posting my food each day but I just haven't  had time.  Last night, I took a zumba class near my niece's house. My sister arrived from Texas and I wanted to say hello after class.  

I arrive and greet my sister with a hug.  My  hair is sweaty. I apolgize and take off my sweatshirt.  What does she say? "Paula... you are getting so skinny. Don't lose anymore weight."  I can see this perplexed look on  her face, then I look to the right and my niece is exercisng on the Wii. I peek in and give her a "hi-five."  My sister is at it again... Paula, don't loose anymore weight.   At this point I say, "Vi, I weigh 176 lbs. Wear a size 14. I am anything but skinny." Then I ask her if she's using the ipod I sent for walks?  She back peddles and makes excuses.  I smile. It's here where I need to be careful. I don't want to sound like one of those preachy exercise fanatics. I change the subject... and we begin to laugh and remnisce about how much fun we had at our last visit.

After I leave. I think about my sister's comments. I realize the perplexed look on her face and statement wasn't about  me. She doesn't understand my commitment to a healthier self.  I may never be skinny and that's okay -- as long as I'm striving for health and balance--it's all good. Why can't some people see that and not be  judgemental? 

Do you get negative comments about your path to good health?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Do you enjoy Valentines day?  I enjoy chocolate but not the presure of gift giving. My amorcito is not a gift giver. Does this make me sad?  Only on valentines day.  I know in the grand scheme of things, it should not matter.  He did whisper in my ear "te quiero y feliz dia de los enamorados" (i love you and happy valentines day).  I kinda half heard him. Why give him the cold shoulder? Well, after 11.5 years together and my constant reminders, the man just doesn't get it!!! A card, a love note or candy. I know I am a walking contradiction but it is valentines day, after all.

He does do many things every day of the year to make me feel special. Like gasing up my car and de-icing my windows before he leaves for work so it's one less thing I have to do. Not to mention he awakes earlier on weekends and brings me coffee. I'm trying to feel better about not getting flowers or chocolates while others around are having flowers delivered. I guess it's more noticeable now that I'm working in another office. I know I sound like a whiny baby but it's okay. This is why I blog...
On a brighter note-- I did receive apples and oranges from a co-worker, was sung to by a quartet of 4 ex-deans and was given a valentine and sugar cookie by a friend.  That certainly made me smile.

Are you expecting anything nice for V-day or is it just a regular kinda day?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

fallin off the paleo wagon

Had my ganddaughter for the weekend and I found myself falling into old habits. Like eating leftover buckwheat pancakes from her plate. Then dinner at SIL.  All was good until they rolled out the home made corn tortillas. Then there was the slice(s) of cake (yellow cake mix w/canned pumpkin).  These foods are not terribly bad but I can't help feeling like I let myself down.

Note to self:  You're human. You don't want perfection. You just want something in between.  Fridge is stocked with fruits, veggies and lean proteins. I'm ready to keep pedalling.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm bringin retro back

Morning folks.  Can I say one thing?  Just because they’re “on sale and fit” does not mean you should buy them.  But that’s what I did. I bought a couple of pairs of jeans on the clearance rack while shopping at Old Navy. I never shop Old Navy and I was so excited that something fit. I then had the jeans hemmed.  Ummm what was I thinking? I look ridiculous in bell bottom jeans.  But I paid money for them. Had them altered. Surely, I need to wear them.

Maybe if I wore some cute boots.  Wear my cute pancho, I’ll be rockin the 70s like J-Lo.  I felt ridiculous but I’m running late. Having 2 part-time positions at work leaves no room for tardiness. 
I take one last look in the mirror.  Told myself, Paula. You look “firme” (sharp).  You can rock those bell bottom jeans—it’s all about attitude. Just walk out that door and WORK IT.  Then I took the hot rollers out of my hair.  WTF…  I’M SPORTIN SOME “FARRAH FAWCET” or shall is say “PAIR OF FAWCET” HAIR DO. 

Okay  fashion Gods. I hear you LOUD & CLEAR.  I’M BRINGIN RETRO BACK….

Monday, February 6, 2012

scale love and eating grain free

Sometimes a good cup of coffee is the only reason to get out of bed on a cold morning.  However, since I've eliminated flavored creamer from my coffee the thrill is gone. I almost took almond breeze to Starbucks to ask them to make me a latte. Would that be bad? 

I'll stop whining about no creamer in my coffee and show you the local produce store that I found blocks from my house. All local. I picked up some great veggies yesterday for my week.

Today's breakfast was small banana/almond smoothie around 7:a.m.  I started to feel hungry around 9:30 am so I ordered 1 egg +2 eggwhites, spinach, onion and 1 pieceof bacon in a scramble with hot sauce of course. I like that the guys on the kitchen line are always accomodating.

 Then I met a friend for coffee around noon but instead of drinking coffee, I brought an apple and next thing I know, it was time to head back to work.  It was hard to stay on task today. I still feel out of it.  I read toay that the elminating carb flu symptons last about 1-3 weeks. It's getting better that's for sure. It was nice not to have a head ache all day. 

Lunch was at 2:30. Turkey burger sans the bun.
I got busy paginating our next issue of the journal.  I have a great board this year and the files that I receive are clean which makes me smile. I'm enjoying this while I can as I'll be getting a new batch of students in April and there's definitely a learning curve for them. 

Can I share something funny?  I received a text from my friend Delia asking me how I liked the new zumba class we took on Friday.  I responded with great. Then she texted back "we're a couple of zumba whores."  LOL.  She made me laugh so hard with that comment. 

I knew tonight's zumba class would be intense and I did not want to feel light headed so I had 1/2 a baked sweet potato.  Sweet potato is controversial on the paleo blogs but I think I needed a little carbs for the workout.  It did the trick. No lightheadedness and I made it through class..

I took Rosa (stuffing my feelings) suggestion and weighed myself after work.  I am jumping for joy. I am down 4 pounds in 6 days.  I don't know how I'm losing weight because it seems lke I'm eating more. I'll take it. 

After shweaty zumba, I came home and made dinner:  scalions, fresh green beans and chicken/spinach sausage. 

 These green beans were delish.

Well, I'll end this post very happy and 4 lbs lighter.  Off to clean the kitchen and shower.  Have a great evening.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good morning friends. How are you?  I"m good. Still feeling a little edgy. Yesterday's breakfast was the eggs and bacon.  That's 4 slices of bacon... muncho jamon, I know. I might stick with smoothies.  Lighter is better in the mananas.

 Daniel helped me with chores around the house and then we were off to run errands and go for a drive.  I packed us snacks (raw almonds and apples). 

 I've been using this shot glass to measure my almonds.  Not sure why I've never thought of this before. It's perfect for nuts and fits easily in my bag.

Oh, I wanted to share what I made before leaving for errands. I rosted all the ingredients for chile verde. I can't wait to use this over eggs or with lean pork.

Daniel and I went out for dinner. There were lots of discussion and we decided on Coco's Restaurant. I looked longingly at the pies and desserts and surprisingly, I was okay without having a sweet.  My dinner started with this side salad. I removed the crutons and the dressing and ate away.  Daniel thought maybe I had ordered too much food. 
 I could tell I frustrated the waiter with my many questions. After our little back andforth, I settled on a Fit and Light sirloin steak with an extra side of broccoli instead of the baked potatoe and I skipped the fresh bread.  Giving myself a pat on the back for that one.. The broccoli was delicious. I wanted A-1 steak sauce but alas it contains SUGAR and cavemen didn't have steak sauce. 

I cannot believe I ate all this food.  Two hours later, I completely regretted it. It sat at the bottom of my stomache for hours and I went to bed stuffed.  My system is not used to meat.  I am not a vegetarian but I usually rely on beans and such for my protein.  We shall see -two weeks and I'll re-evaluate. 

So are you all looking forward to the game later today?  I'm off to have my roots touched up and other girly maintenance done at the salon.  So tell me, what team are you hoping will win?