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Thursday, January 24, 2013

3rd base

There are moments when C is with me the most.  The reality of it hits me. 

Just before I get into the shower and look in the mirror. I see the person staring back at me and it’s then that it hits me what C has done to my physical appearance. I shrug it off because in the grand scheme of things, this means nothing because I’m here.
In the mornings as I dress for work. I decide what top to wear. One that does not have cleavage.  Once the top is chosen, I begin the process of unpacking my prosthesis and inserting them into my bra. It has become a ritual i.e., mornings and evenings.  The minute I return home, I remove and pack  them up and throw on a sweatshirt. How I love sweatshirts and I'm thankful it's not summer. It are these moments that I think most about reconstruction surgery. I am reminded that I’m almost there… Reconstruction is like sliding into  home home base. 
Then, there are those moments that it is so surreal…this has really happened.  I do try not to complain. I remain upbeat and positive. I write this post merely on the chance that someone else is reading and if they experience somethig similar to what I am going through, maybe then, they don’t feel quite alone. I mean "Alone" in the thought process. Clearly, I have family, friends (both real and blog) where I am not alone.  However, there are not many people who can relate.   I think woman who have experience breast cancer are in this elite club all our own.  Life is never quite the same again. C changes you.  In a positive way for sure. I am much more grateful for all that is in this mortal world….my children, grandchildren, Daniel and the beauty that is the world.
I cannot wait until I can feel more myself and laugh with total abandonment. Yes, a laughter where C is completely forgotten and it just a bad memory. We all have struggles in life and when they’re over, we look back and sigh and are grateful they are just that… memories..
All this being said… I feel like I am at third base, waiting for the batter to hit and I am almost home.  Almost home.
Peace out


  1. The truly hard things..I think in spirit it's a trek we take alone...there is no other option...we are the only ones going through it. Some things in life, we do alone...with God. I understand that. But we are all rooting you on.