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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wild monkey dance

Hi friends, how's it going? I had my last chemo on Friday (insert me doing the wild monkey dance)... And this morning i was able to eat a fried egg, slice of ham on a fresh baked roll. This last chemo was rough and well, i am happy it is the last. My total weight gain is 11 pounds, how odd that you gain weight despite not being able to eat for days,

My Oncologist encourages me to get back on weight watchers and to exercise. God willing in 6 weeks my energy levels should return.

I feel so happy i want to cry. I cannot wait to begin my new normal. Life is so fragile and beautiful that i just can't contain myself. I am not going to lie and say i am not scared C will come back but i am deciding to switch the thought off when it appears. I have learned that FEAR paralyzes you and its no way to live. I am so grateful to God for his love, mercy and peace. I thank him before i sleep and upon waking.

Well guys, i just wanted to check in and thank you all for helping me through... It has been rough and even though i will have check ups every 3 months, i am beyond happy.... Beyond.

I think if you ask a cancer patient what they want most they would respond with "wanting to be normal again". You miss the every day normal. We tend to take it for granted. Little things, you know.

Well, i should cut this short. I need to find a weight watcher meeting near my home. I weigh 185 lbs. i started chemo at 172.

Thank you pwc readers for your comments and support. It meant everything to me.



  1. YAY to being done with Chemo! :-) Glad you didn't do the wild NAKED monkey dance....(although you deserve to dance anyway you want!).but even if you had...I'd still be happy for you!

  2. Way to go and fight through it all! Find that WW group and fight fight fight!

  3. We are all celebrating the end of chemo with you. You are a champion!

  4. Haha! I pictured you doing the wild monkey dance and had to smile. Good stuff!

    If I can give you a piece of advice, one a friend of mine who has battled bc twice told me, is limit sugar as much as you possibly can. She said her first oncologist didn't tell her this, but the second one did. And she felt ripped off because she didn't know the first time around.

    Anyway, I'm THRILLED for you. And there's NOT going to be a second time.

    "Let food be your medicine"...:)

    Love & hugs,


  5. Just nominated you for the Liebster award. Figured we needed to have some fun this February day! :-)