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Thursday, January 3, 2013

hunger is through the roof

Hey friends, how's your day?

Mine was muy bueno as i retuned to wok after being off for two months. It felt good to be productive. Its humbling since things didn't fall apart without me. Funny how I thought i was so indispensable. LOL.

I am making a real effort to get back to healthy eating. my morning started with coffee and a slice of toast. Made a green smoothie to drink while working.

Around noon, i was starving so i ate this salad. Can i be honest? I am so hungry these days that i had to eat more cabbage to subside my hunger.

Then around 1pm, i walked to Old Soul for steamed milk and tea.

I was surprised at my energy level today. It felt so good to be at work. I felt like my old self before THESKYFELL.

After work, I almost picked up a burrito bowl at El Forrestero. Instead, I backed out of the drive-thru (which was not easy) and came home and roasted some frozen veggies and chicken.

I know its alot of food, but like i said, my hunger is through the roof.


My evening will be spent watching TV. What are your plans for the evening?


  1. YAY! So glad you're back at work! You may not be indispensible (none of us are, sadly), but I'm sure they missed you! :)

    That really doesn't look like a lot of food at all. Maybe because I eat 2 or 3 times as much, LOL. And trust me, I'm not bragging. :)

    Happy Friday/Weekend, Friend.

    You inspire me SO much!

    (((HUGS))) and much love!


  2. Welcome back to work! Fight those hunger pangs. You and I both know that it gets easier!

    Ok, what a huge victory to not get the burrito bowl. But honestly, to BACK OUT OF THE DRIVE THROUGH! You are my absolute hero for managing to actually change your mind and carry through when you were that close to doing it. I usually give up and say 'we'll I'm here, it's too late!"

  3. MaryFran... I was so relieved that I did it. And believe me, it wasn't easy since the drive through was long and curvy... It's just one small victory in my day... That's how I'm viewing "healthy eats."

    Thank you Mary Fran for reading and commenting. Both you and Lisa have been a great source of support.

    Mil gracias to you both.