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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I decided....

Hola, how's your day so far?

Mine started out with a cup of coffee,  half a banana, and a bite of pan dulce. I stop self from eating the rest but then... I spied a slice of pizza my son left on the table and zapped it in the microwave. I had a few bites and then left it alone. I told my son that it's really hard for me to have that kind of food in the house. He smiles.  I tell self: at least you minized the damage with bites. I lie to self often:  I know that eating carbs in the morning means I'll be HUNGRY all day long. Don't you just want to kick  yourself in the pants when you make bad choices?

At least I made good choices last night and boiled eggs. Around 10 a.m., I eat one and consume two glasses of water hoping the hunger subsides...

It does not... it sits there quietly beckoning me to eat crap... I stay focused. 

I find myself still hungry at 11:30 a.m., despite drinking water. I decide to eat an early lunch of veggies and 1/2 a bag of Fettucini Alfredo... I brought one of those "meal in a bag" to work.

Notice I left out sauce and added extra veggies?  My stomache still feels hungry but I tell self it's not really hunger...

The weather is nice and so I decide to walk around campus. I think "this is great running weather" then I am reminded that THERE IS A TIME FOR EVERYTING... I smile and enjoy the warmth on my face.

I then walk into the Student Center. Bon Appetite serves the most delilcious meals using fresh, local and organic ingredients. I look at their soups and I jump for joy when I find this:

White bean and kale soup.  I ate half of this upon my return to my office, and at the other half around 4 pm.  Beans are so harty.

Dinner will be cabbage salad and oranges for dessert.  A co-worker brought me a huge bag of oranges from the tree that is outside my former office. His kindness me smile.  I must remember to pay it forward.

You know, I woke this morning thanking the Lord for today. I DECIDED to be grateful and happy. I DECIDED to ignore of discouragement. I have always known that ATTITUDE is about the only thing we can control.  It's okay to feel but it's more important to DECIDE.

Later gators.


  1. Ditto what Chris Said! I believe that a good attitude leads to positive outcomes. :) xoxo

  2. Grrr there is such a fine line between listenng to our bodies and ignoring our 'heads' when it comes to eating! Keep it up, you are rockin' it!