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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

my jump is more like a skip....

Hey friends, how's your day?

I woke up early this morning and made breakfast for my son and Daniel. Scrambled eggs and sausage for them and a bowl of fruit and quesadilla for me.

After chores, Daniel and I headed out since the sun was out. It was still cold but not so bad. We decided to drive to Olivehurst. It's about a 2 hour drive and I know there are fruit stands along the rural roads. I was interested in to see what they had this time of year.  Usually, I take this drive for the fresh peaches.  I did see lots of farm hands pruning the trees so I am excited for the summer crops.  Can you tell someone wants it to be summer?

We stopped at Tony's Fruit Stand in Oroville. Most stands were closed with an occasional "self-serve stands" where they leave bags of fruit out and you pay by using a drop box.

I wanted to buy walnuts but then what would I do with so many?  
Daniel is such a trooper. See him there near the car? Thank you for driving me around to these  far off and obscure places.

He was pretty excited the selection of dried fruit, local honey and nuts. Lucky for us they accepted ATM. I picked up apples, mandarines, carrots, local honey, almonds and dried fruit.

I was quite happy and asked Daniel to pull over. I told him I wanted to jump in the air and if he would take my picture. I love that he doesn't question these impulses and just pulls over.  I'm lucky person...

As for my jump in the air... Unfortunately, my jumping was more like skip... but hey, the intent is there so I think it counts... It felt wonderful  to be out in the country.
 Once we arrived back to Sacramento, it was time for an early dinner. It was Pollo Loco for these two locos.  Daniel had chicken, rice and beans. Big surprise there...

I chose the chicken bowl but after 3 bites decided it was a poor choice. The aroma of the chicken was too much and I decided to take it home. Maybe later.

I'm finishing the evening with making  Albondigas (meat ball soup) with the fresh carrots . Maybe the broth will be delicious. I have all the ingredients and my son mentioned he was craving Albondigas. 

By-the-way... I am looking forward to this evening, My daughter has a surprise for me. I feel like a kid. Life is sweet... I hope your day is awesome and you find pleasure in the simplest circumstances.



  1. Sounds like the perfect day. :-) And skip or properly conveyed your attitude and feelings! WEEEEE

  2. Man, you are going to come through this and be hard to catch up with!:) I love your continued energy and love for life. God is so good, isn't He?!

    Have a blessed day my friend!


  3. Paula amiga, how i miss you and your blog! I've been just awful at keeping up and I'm so sorry <3 The jump photo is absolutely adorable!! I would have been tempted to get all those walnuts and make some walnut butter. The only place I've found any walnut butter locally is outrageously overpriced. Anyway, quick note to say I'm thinking of you :)