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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rosca de los Reyes is celebrated on Janury 6th.  Inside this yummy pastry  is a figurine representing baby Jesus. It is a tradition in Daniel's family to drink Mexican chocolate and cut the Rosca de los Reyes after dinner. I absolutely love Mexican traditions and my culture is just full of tradition.

When it was my turn to cut the the Rosca, I gravitated to the blue slice. I was about to cut it when my Daniel's brother Pancho told me to cut a bigger slice. Silly me, I listened and I ended up with baby Jesus.  I was so excited....

Tradition has it that on February 2, I am to make a dinner and invite everyone to my house. At least that's what these woman below tell me.  

Do you have traditions such as these in your culture?

To those who commented on my last post. Mil gracias for your support. I had a day where I allowed "discouragement" rule my thoughts. I realize there will be moments such as these but it's really up to me to turn it around. Who wants to live without goals?  Life without goals is giving up and well, that's not in my vocabulary.

Well friends, I'm very content after eating my Rosca with chocolate and will retired to the couch to watch Downtown Abbey.  I love that show.

Later, gators.


  1. That's a pretty cool tradition, I assume it means good luck! I hope so. Have fun with your dinner!

  2. Thanks Christine. The rosca was delicious. I froze my slice to have with coffee on one of those days I'm dying for pan dulce. Really trying to go easy on the sweets. It's challenging but I figure if it's in the freezer, I'd be less inclined to eat it.