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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hot sweaty mess

Hey friends, how it going?

I am doing well. Work is crazy busy, and its tough keeping up with two jobs but every day gets better and i am grateful for the normal ness.

Here i am looking a hot mess. Just returned from zumba. Its my third class and i completed 50 minutes. Feels great to be a hot, sweaty mess.

My meals include lots,of greens and protein.... But oh how i wish the bowls of candy would go away.

One goal at a time....

So what's new?


  1. Great to see you back at it more consistently. You are a rock star.
    I've been a slug. No exercise for 2 weeks. I am feeling a lot of SAD this year because of all the snow and cold in WI, but I made a contract with myself that I will get back to normal on Saturday. Lets see how that works out for me. Salud!

    1. So proud of you! Sorry I haven't stopped by or commented lately. You look fantastic and are just getting better and better. Praise God! :)

      Love & Hugs,


  2. Great to see you back at that you have regained some strength and stamina, you can start doing the things you long to do! I am so happy for you! Looking good!