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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Happy Tuesday all.  I've been wanting to blog about all that I'm doing but honestly, there are just not enough hours in the day.

I've been doing my Functional Fit Training 3 days a week.  Can you believe I can now hold a plank for 2 minutes?

I'm getting stronger with each session. I can't do a pull-up, but I think most woman have issues with doing a pull-up, right?

It's growing like crazy! When I say crazy, I mean crazy curly.  I'm rolling with it.  Using bandanas and head bands.  Nothing more I can do but embrace it, right?

Spending 7 days in Miami was wonderful.  I felt very alive under the warm sun.  I'll be on a plan again tomorrow. I leave for Los Angeles for a conference.  My goal is to stay sugar free which is always a challenge. I know I'll be faced with desserts at some of the dinner events but it's an opportunity to exercise will-power.  My strategy will simply be: If it's something incredible and you can only get it here, then I 'll try it. But if it's something that I can get anywhere else, then I'll pass. Somehow, this helps.  I realize I love experience and if I look at food that way, then it helps me to keep things in check.  We shall see.

I'll be attending some events that call for Business Professional attire.  This lead me to Kohl's in pursuit of a suit or conservative dress. I found a pair of slacks, a blouse and a black pencil skirt which fit perfect.  I was shocked that it was a medium. I would never have tried it if I hadn't grabbed it by accident.  You know the best part of the shopping experience was that it WAS NOT PAINFUL?  I usually hate shopping because nothing fits right.  Clothes actually fit.

I'm feeling this emotion pretty much all day long.  Especially after my workouts. I know it's partly due to endorphins, but it's also due to how I embrace life most days.  I live in a state of gratitude. It's a beautiful thing... Perhaps it's the secret to life, maybe? I leave class thanking the Lord that I'm able to jump, squat and run.  Imagine how many of us take that for granted.

It's a wonderful thing when your body allows you physical movement. So many of us take that for granted. Not me. Not anymore.  Imagine what your life would be like if you were restricted? It changes your perspective.

Well, I'll get off my soap box. Just wanted to come here and catch up.  PWC is pretty much where I come to check in with self... that anyone reads is just an added bonus.  And when I receive a comment or email... well, that's just the icing on the cake.

Warm regards,


  1. Glad for the new post, thank you! And glad for you that you grabbed the medium-sized skirt by accident. You inspire me to keep working on my own plank.

  2. God's Face is shining on you. Makes me happy to read these special moments in your life. He is so good to give us beauty for ashes and turn those storms into sunny days.

    Keep up the great work with your workouts! I'm impressed with that 2 minute plank. Those are SO hard! I read that a 70 something woman held the record for the longest plank - 38 minutes!! Can you imagine? And the previous two years before that she was over 100 pounds overweight! (I probably got some of those details wrong - trying to remember exactly). Anyway - glad things are looking up for you!